Your pictures: Snow in Lincoln

Lincoln got its first snowfall of 2013 on January 13, and followed on with a heavy covering.

Here are your pictures depicting the snowy scene in Lincoln over the last couple of days.

Send in your photos (with your name) to, and we’ll add the best ones to this gallery.

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Yolanda Beaumont:

Mark Chambers:

Lesley Rose:

Laura Cayless:

Kerrie Rice:

Kerrie Rice

Debbie Cousins:

Darren Ruck:

Lincolnshire Showground:

Emma Bithell:

Chloe Mellows:

Maaike Veenkamp:

Rachel Beck:

Michelle Mortimer:

Roxanne Presley:

Trudy McIntyre:

Chelsea Gardner:

Gemma Nash:

Jake Newson:

Bunty’s Tea Room:

Mark Dammes:

Paul Allen:

Conor Thompson-Hayes:

Kevin Challis:

Faye Moran:

Melissa Fawcett:

Michael Thornley:

Harriet Ennis:

Jenny Setterfield:

Ruth Holland: