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Rewind: City of Lincoln Council elections results

Rewind our City of Lincoln elections results liveblog.

This liveblog has finished. Updates are displayed chronologically.

We’re here at the City of Lincoln Council election count at Yarborough Leisure Centre setting up for the night to bring you the results.

Here’s The Lincolnite team behind the scenes of the local elections liveblog.

Only 20 minutes left to vote! Do you know who your ward’s candidate are? Check out our interactive map: http://thelincolnite.co.uk/2014/05/find-candidates-city-lincoln-council-elections/

Counters are preparing for the arrival of the votes.

Polling stations are now closed.

Counting has already begun for the postal votes, received earlier.

Counting has begun.

The polls closed at 10pm for both the City of Lincoln and European elections. The votes for the local elections will be counted tonight at Yarborough Leisure Centre, while the European elections votes are verified tonight and will be counted on Sunday at the City Council.

The ballot boxes are arriving at Yarborough Leisure Centre.

How the votes are verified and counted

  • Ballot boxes are checked and ballot papers are counted to check that the number in the box corresponds with that shown on the Ballot Paper Account
  • Ballots are split according to candidate
  • Ballots are counted
  • Candidates are invited to check the spoiled ballot papers and may object
  • Draft declarations for each ward discussed with candidates and agents
  • Candidates may, at this point, request a recount
  • Results are declared by the Returning Officer

The current political make up of the council is 25 Labour councillors and 8 Conservative. Seats in eight wards (Glebe, Abbey, Park, Minster, Boultham, Carholme, Castle and Moorland) are being defended, while the remaining three wards (Bracebridge, Hartsholme and Birchwood) are not being defended.

Counters are presently going through the boxes which have arrived, separating European slips from the local election ones.

Did you know: There are 65,000 people registered to vote in Lincoln, but only 26.81% turned up at the last City of Lincoln Council elections in 2012. Turnout is usually larger when there are Parliamentary elections, like in 2010, when we had over 60% of people voting. Highest turnout was in 1976 at almost 78%. Since, we had over 70% only in 1997. The lowest turnout was in May 2002, with 26.21%.

Here are some of the candidates watching the votes being counted.

Some reaction from a first-time voter in Lincoln:

All boxes are now at Yarborough Leisure Centre, meaning the count can soon get underway.

The ward with the most competition for a seat is Park Ward with seven candidates. They are:

  • Iain Baker – Liberal Democrats
  • Gavyn Graham – Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
  • David Jackson – Labour
  • Janusz Kala – Conservative
  • Hannah Smith – UKIP
  • Kenneth Yates – Green
  • Zivile Zuokiene – Independent

MP for Lincoln Karl McCartney and Conservative candidates for Lincoln.

We caught up with Lincoln MP Karl McCartney about his views on how the elections went today

Independent candidate for Carholme Ward Jacek Musialik said he wants student and resident cohesion.

TUSC have yet to win a councillor seat in Lincoln, but this year they say they had the most candidates so far:

Labour’s MP candidate for Lincoln Lucy Rigby and her husband.

Did you know: There are 7,500 postal voters in Lincoln.

Postal voting is a great idea if you can’t get to your local polling booth between 7am and 10pm on the date.

You can apply for a postal vote for future elections on the City Council website.

The first result in Lincoln is expected at around 1.30am.

Interesting fact from the TUSC party:

We spoke with David Harding Price, Chairman of Lincoln Lib Dems, who is running in the local elections and also next year for MP

Lincoln’s Liberal Democrat MP candidate David Harding-Price.

Ric Metcalfe, Leader of the City of Lincoln Council, is up for re-election in the Glebe ward. He his hopeful Labour will retain control of the council after tonight:

Labour candidate Ric Metcalfe, leader of the City of Lincoln Council.

Here’s the verification in action and a picture of the atmosphere.

Lincoln elections turnout in recent years:

  • 2012 – 26.81% (CoLC elections)
  • 2011 – 36.43% (CoLC elections) 36.85% (AV referendum)
  • 2010 – 60.4% (CoLC elections) 62.3% (Parliamentary elections)
  • 2009 – 31.27% (Lincolnshire County Council election only)
  • 2008 – 31.28% (CoLC only)
  • 2007 – 33.86% (CoLC all out elections)
  • 2006 – 28.70% (CoLC only)
  • 2005 – 56.06% (CoLC elections) 56.83% (Parliamentary elections)

First turnout results for individual wards (corrected):

  • Glebe: 27.9%
  • Castle: 29.5%
  • Birchwood: 28.67%
  • Hartsholme: 35.66%

More to come.

A 30.09% overall turnout this year in Lincoln’s local elections.

Final ward turnout results:

  • Bracebridge: 32.4%
  • Minster: 32.61%
  • Moorland: 30.97%
  • Park: 24.87%

UKIP candidates and supporters at the count tonight. They are hopeful for one or two seats in Lincoln.

The count for the votes in the City Council elections have now started, after the ballots have been split from the European elections votes and validated ward by ward.

Lincoln’s Lib Dems also has a number of young candidates for their area:

The City of Lincoln Council election results draw nearer.

Zivile Zuokiene, the second Eastern European candidate running independently. She is awaiting the results for the Park ward.

A recount for the Birchwood ward is now underway.

Karen Lee (pictured with Neil Murray) is hoping to regain her seat in Carholme ward after tonight

Minster ward has also requested a recount.

No more recounts. The counting staff are now leaving. Results are expected shortly.

Winner of Glebe ward – Ric Metcalfe (Labour) with 569 votes –  City Council leader regains his seat

Winner of Castle Ward – Lorraine Woolley (Labour)

Winner of Abbey Ward – Peter West (Labour)

Carholme ward winner is Karen Lee (Labour) – she retains her seat

Park ward winner is David Jackson (Labour)

Winner of Boultham ward – Ralph Toofany (Labour)

Winner of Moorland ward is Geoff Ellis (Labour)

Bracebridge ward winner is Keith Weaver (Conservative)

Minster ward winner is Liz Maxwell (Labour)

Hartsholme ward winner is Marika Riddick (Conservative)

Birchwood winner is Anthony Gray (Labour) by 3 votes

Labour won 9 of 11 seats tonight in Lincoln

The results for Abbey ward were:

Chris Butler (UKIP) – 385
Heather Cullen (Lib Dem) – 138
Nick Parker (TUSC) – 93
Christopher Reid (Conservative) – 364
Peter West (Labour) – 744

The results for Birchwood ward were:

David Denman (Conservative) – 576
Anthony Gray (Labour) – 579
Samuel Mumby (TUSC) – 47
Tony Wells (UKIP) – 523

A close ward!

The results for Boultham ward were:

Alexander Gilder (Conservative) – 363
Nicole Good (TUSC) – 46
Lynn Pepper (Lib Dem) – 79
Jane Smith (UKIP) – 445
Ralph Toofany (Labour) – 834

The results for Bracebridge ward were:

Carol Daniel (Labour) – 576
Tony Gaskell (Lib Dem) – 92
Barry Stonham (UKIP) – 551
Keith Weaver (Conservative) – 674

The results for Carholme ward were:

Natasha Chapman (Lib Dem) – 149
Karen Lee (Labour) – 1,129
Vasos Melides (Conservative) – 430
Jacek Musialik (Independent) – 80
Lewis Sherwood (TUSC) – 48
Mike Wilkinson (UKIP) – 328

The results for Castle ward were:

Ben Atkinson (Lib Dem) – 102
Kirsty Esberger (Conservative) – 389
Ruth Dredge (Green) – 152
David Warden (UKIP) – 382
Danny Wilkinson (TUSC) – 39
Lorraine Woolley (Labour) – 655

The results for Glebe ward were:

Norman Haigh (Green) – 110
David Harding-Price (Lib Dem) – 81
Keri Lowe (TUSC) – 16
Ric Metcalfe (Labour) – 569
Max Smith (UKIP) – 368
Matthew Wilson (Conservative) – 402

The results for Hartsholme ward were:

Biff bean (Labour) – 632
Jessica Key (Lib Dem) – 78
Marika Riddick (Conservative) – 730
Elaine Warde (UKIP) – 429

The results for Minster ward were:

Yvonne Bodger (Conservative) – 660
Michael Brown (Lib Dem) – 72
Michael Hanncock (TUSC) – 19
Liz Maxwell (Labour) – 683
Valerie Wilkinson (Green) – 105
Joseph Willan (UKIP) – 405

The results for Moorland ward were:

Geoff Ellis (Labour) – 768
Marc Jones (Conservative) – 505
Ross Pepper (Lib Dem) – 54
James Simpson (UKIP) – 396
Vince Williams (TUSC) – 28

The results for Park ward were:

Iain Baker (Lib Dem) – 62
Gavyn Graham (TUSC) – 17
David Jackson (Labour) – 561
Janusz Kala (Conservative) – 204
Hannah Smith (UKIP) – 308
Kenneth Yates (Green) – 100
Zivile Zuokiene (Independent) – 40

We spoke with City Council leader Ric Metcalfe, who successfully defended his seat tonight, and maintained control of the council.

The makeup of the council after the May 22 elections.

See our break-down of all the wards votes, like here for Birchwood, the closest fought ward