Autistics Together with Dr Niko Kargas & Ian Jordan

    October 31, 2017 09:00
    The Engine Shed, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln
    From £25

    CANadda’s autism event on the day has 6 fantastic speakers.

    Alan Gardner (Autistic Gardener)
    Award winner at Chelsea Flower Show and C4 Series Autistic Gardener
    ‘How to deal with neuro typicals’

    Dr Niko Kargas Lecturer in Psychology. Researcher in Autism and Interactive Educational Technologies
    ‘Autism Research & Innovation Centre: Engaging the wider autism community in research’

    Ian Jordan
    Multi-sensory ophthalmic practice
    ‘The different types of facial recognition problems found in ASD and when can they be treated’

    Jon Adams
    Autistic speaker and Flow Observatorium
    ‘Eleven steps to feeling you belong: Autism & mental health self-calm’

    Debbie Marshall
    Autistic speaker, founder and chair of CANadda
    ‘Me and my family sensory world’

    Tom Schofield
    Autistic speaker
    ‘A mind alone’

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