Exhibition: Beloved

    February 06, 2017
    February 11, 2017
    Gallery at St. Martin's,
    37B Hungate, Lincoln

    ​BELOVÈD: Romantic artworks by Phyllis Mahon

    An exhibition of recent figurative and landscape works from 2015 -16, inspired by love and landscape, including a series of delightful watercolours on Indian handmade paper.

    Lovers embrace, a woman dances with an imaginary man, barefoot ladies wear dresses of little else but dappled moonlight. The landscapes too contain romantic, magical overtures: trees are lit by an inner glow and dark clouds clear to herald a brighter day.

    Meet the artist: Phyllis, whose works are in private collections throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Australia, will be at the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. www.phyllismahon.com