Weird Garden

    November 04, 2016 18:00
    Decimal Place, 10 Burton Road, Lincoln

    Friday 4 November 2016

    Decimal Place, 10 Burton Rd Lincoln LN1 3LB

    6-10pm free entry

    A ‘Weird Garden’ evening of live original sound art.

    The artists playing are:

    Originally from Poland, Kamil Kowalczyk is based in Edinburgh. Since childhood he has had a fascination with the sounds that surround us, created by nature, machines, everyday devices & anything unusual. Especially electronic sounds, synthesisers.

    His first experiments with sounds were in 1996 when he began to use a simple old Casio keyboard & a tape deck, playing around & producing random-sounding noise & drone, without knowing that such genres existed.

    Around 2002 he started working with computers & software to compose his music & experiment with sounds. Since 2006 he has released 9 mp3 albums on the renowned US net label Zenapolae.

    In 2010 Kamil made his live debut, playing atmospheric & ground-breaking gigs to audiences at various venues in Scotland, Ireland, England & Poland. In the same year he also established his first label Prototyp Produktions Ltd, as a platform to release & promote his music & other audio-visual works.

    He also runs a concert series in Edinburgh called Soundscapism which is focused on ambient, drone, soundscape & space electronic music.

    Yoyotte is a new solo project from Welwyn Garden City based Benjamin Houlihan (P.P. Dog). Whilst writing & listening to recent songs initially intended for his P.P. Dog project in early 2015, the underlying feel, emotion & overall direction within the new compositions displayed a new depth of character, which aligned itself with the current ebb & flow & shifty of gears experienced in recent years. As such it presented a certain urgency & identity. So, after some initial hesitation, it made logical sense to start a new venture. Yoyotte made its first tentative steps live in September 2015 at the Balstock Festival, & has since been in the midst of writing & recording demos, sneakily venturing out for the odd performance of some kind of progressive indie-folk, laced with notes of post-rock & gazey ambience. The name Yoyotte comes from the film Ponette, It is the name of the doll of the main character, the aforementioned Ponette, a 4-year old girl. The name P.P. Dog was and is a tribute to Benjamin’s first dog who passed on, around the time he began writing songs for what ended up being a solo project in 2006. His dog would mark his territory wherever he could when they were outside. It’s also a bit of a play on from the name of the soul singer P.P. Arnold.

    Grey Frequency is the ambient music project of audio & visual artist Gavin Morrow from Nottingham. Through the manipulation of found sounds & field recordings he explores themes of memory, folklore & modern mythology. Soundscapes are crafted using audio cassettes, tape players & effects pedals, creating an atmospheric blend of lo-fi ambient textures, dense drones & abstract musical passages.

    Tape Noise Dex is from near Lincoln. He uses synth, flute, guitar, vocals, tapes & more, to create spoken word & sounds exploring themes of economy & society & environment, & beyond these to more abstract atmospheres, emanating from his sonic novel The $ell & other works.

    Experimental Sonic Machines is Peter K Rollings from Lincoln. He makes most his equipment from scrap materials & some are solar powered. He starts the evening with an outdoor jam near Decimal Place 6-7pm.

    The Weird Garden concept was thought up by Dex who set up the venue and plays under the stagename Tape Noise. “I put the nights on to promote the Noise scene and give folk a chance to play, Decimal Place is a part of ‘The $ell’ story – hence the idea of Weird Garden, non-commercial plants and flora! That’s why the nights are free entry!

    Decimal Place is a community art space near Lincoln Castle. It has exhibitions, craft events, Lincoln Tape Club 2nd Thursday each month & live music, poetry, spoken word.