Weird Garden

    November 12, 2016 18:00
    Decimal Place, 10 Burton Road, Lincoln

    Saturday 12 November 2016

    Decimal Place, 10 Burton Rd Lincoln LN1 3LB

    6-10pm free entry

    A ‘Weird Garden’ evening of live original sound art.

    The artists playing are:

    • Diseasesofvenus
    • SAJJRA

    Mangabros are Craig, Paul & Johnny Manga from Doncaster. They create glitchy, lurid, visceral electronica they describe as ‘warped song narratives & broken beats’. Craig does vocals that he describes as ‘vox inhumana’, & abuses music technology, sometimes deliberately trying (& succeeding) to overload a laptop so it crashes. Paul does guitar & theremin & Johnny does percussion, samples, & cine8 warping, where 8mm film is projected & altered with marker pens & other things. Craig also does percussion with unusual items such as a metal sign & a taylor’s dummy. It’s not intended to be pleasant…they aim to put themselves & the audience through a phantasmagorical audio-visual adventure, one that lingers in the memory.

    diseasesofvenus is Nathan James Cantrill from Derby. He describes his music as a ‘one man soothing psychedelic freakout’…multi-layered dreamlike guitar dronescapes created using electric guitar, voice, & foot pedals. The name diseasesofvenus comes from a lecture by the character Helsing in ‘Dracula’. He released a vinyl version of his ‘psychospiritual guitar loop EP’ in August this year.

    Sajjra is from Peru & currently living in South America, France & the Netherlands. He plays guitar through an array of effects pedals & on-table electronics to create not only vast non-rhythmic magnificent atmospheric music, but also tormented rhythmic songs with powerful vocals. His music shifts from apocalyptic noise songs with tropical rhythms to ethereal & oceanic sounds. It carries the atmosphere of the low, heavy Andean processions, keeping the spirit of traditional music ensembles, but also expressing the industrial feelings of his birth town Lima. Sajjra is a Quechua word, and has a lot of meanings, depending of the area of the Andes where you listen it. It’s also a kind of magic sound that comes from some turbulence or some chaotic physical phenomena in nature.

    Microdeform is Liam McConaghy from Bristol. He started Microdeform in 2011. He creates his often reflective, nostalgic, melancholic music from hypnotic looped layers of fragments of field recordings, charity shop vinyl & instrumental improvisations. Expect cinematic, dreamlike sounds from a large sonic palette, including pianos, ‘submerged choirs’, brass, & static radio hiss, creating a mood that is alternately blissful, meditative, cacophonous & intense. It has been described as ’a heady trip of cosmic oscillations & mesmeric dark sorcery shrouded in mist, drifting slowly into the ether’.

    Experimental Sonic Machines is Peter K Rollings from Lincoln. He makes most his equipment from scrap materials & some are solar powered. He starts the evening with an outdoor jam near Decimal Place 6-7pm.

    The Weird Garden concept was thought up by Dex who set up the venue and plays under the stagename Tape Noise. “I put the nights on to promote the Noise scene and give folk a chance to play, Decimal Place is a part of ‘The $ell’ story – hence the idea of Weird Garden, non-commercial plants and flora! That’s why the nights are free entry!

    Decimal Place is a community art space near Lincoln Castle. It has exhibitions, craft events, Lincoln Tape Club 2nd Thursday each month & live music, poetry, spoken word.

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