Private Hire Drivers

    Employer Discount Cabs Ltd

    Location Lincoln

    Industry Driving

    Contract Flexible Hours

    Job Type Permanent

    Salary £12,000 - £30,000

    Deadline 28/10/2016


    Have you considered becoming a private hire driver?

    Everyone has heard their family say the phrase, “I’m not your taxi driver” at some point, but what does a taxi driver’s job actually involve?

    Our drivers provide an essential service bringing holidaymakers to airports, children to school, shoppers back home and helping those with mobility problems get from A to B.

    Money, money, money

    Earnings for drivers range between £12k to £30k per annum. To earn good money, you need to put in the hours: the more jobs you do, the more you earn. Some of our drivers are earning £1,000 per week!

    Why work for Discount Cabs:

    1. Earn £600 per week (Some of our drivers are taking more than this!)
    2. Long Established
    3. Technology – Our booking system and mobile phone app is industry leading
    4. Flexibility – Full time, part time, evening work. We have the demand and work to cater for the hours you want to work. Especially in the evening and weekends
    5. Rental vehicles available for you to use

    So, what will I actually be doing?

    Your job involves:

    • Picking up and delivering customers
    • Taking the fastest and safest route
    • Helping to load and unload the vehicle
    • Keeping your vehicle clean and in good working order (no one wants to get into a broken, untidy taxi)