July 28, 2010 8.45 am This story is over 144 months old

CrimeStats: Crime drops across Lincoln

Less crime: Crime figures in Lincoln have fallen up to 30% in some areas, but the biggest problem is still anti-social behaviour.

Crime rates have fallen across Lincoln in the last three months, compared to the same period last year, according to figures from Lincolnshire Police.

Lincoln’s Park area registered the most dramatic fall, with a 30% drop, while the Boultham and Carholme areas had over 26% less crime.

The Castle and Glebe areas had over 15% less crime than the same three months to July last year, and the Minster area had a 3% decrease.

Abbey was the only area in Lincoln to register an increase in crime, at just under 2%. Abbey is also the area of the city to see the most crime since June 2009, with almost a quarter of reports. The Castle area saw the least crime (9%) in the city.

Over the last 12 months, the Abbey area registered the biggest number of burglaries (199) in Lincoln, while the Castle area had the least (78). Abbey also had the most robberies (15) in the city over the same period, closely followed by Park (14).

The most vehicle crimes (25%) in Lincoln were reported in the Park area over the last 12 months, but by far the most wide-spread type of crime in the city is anti-social behaviour (70%), with 6,179 such cases reported. The Abbey area recorded 23% of these crimes in the last 12 months, Park 19%, followed by Carholme with 15%. The Minster area had the least anti-social behaviour crimes (9%) reported.

Source: Lincolnshire Police Crime Mapper