February 17, 2011 11.31 am This story is over 153 months old

First Lincoln 10K race packs arrive

Ready, set, go: Organisers have started sending Lincoln 10K race pack to over 2,900 people taking part on April 3.

Over 2,900 participants in this year’s Lincoln 10K Road Race have been sent their race packs by the organisers.

The Active Nation Lincoln 10K Road Race pack includes literature, a race number, an electronic timing chip and baggage label.

Also included are coloured wrist bands, where appropriate, and a T-shirt ordering form along with a questionnaire.

Last week the City of Lincoln Council said more than 3,500 people applied for the race already, with just two months ahead of the event.

Around 90% of people have applied through the Lincoln 10K website for the event taking place on Sunday, April 3.

Entries include one person raising funds to help his home town of Brisbane following the floods and someone recovering from a brain aneurism.

A Lincolnshire man is also travelling all the way from Peru to take part.

Added to the usual 10K and wheelchair races are the Get Mummy Fit Buggy Push, the Running Imp primary school race and the Lincoln College secondary school race.

Source: City of Lincoln Council