February 21, 2011 11.56 am This story is over 153 months old

Man’s fall from block of flats ‘not suspicious’

Not suspicious: Police are investigating the case of a man who is believed to have fallen from a block of flats on the Ermine.

Lincolnshire Police say they are not treating as suspicious the incident of a man who apparently fell from a block of flats in Lincoln at the weekend.

A man is treated in hospital for injuries suffered after he is believed to have fallen from a block of flats at Edinburgh House on Laughton Way.

He is currently being treated for his injuries in Nottingham at Queen’s Medical Centre.

The incident happened some time between 10pm on Saturday, February 19 and 1am on Sunday, February 20.

Initial investigations are ongoing over what actually happened at the three-storey flats on Laughton Way, Lincoln.

Police said on Monday that so far the incident is not being treated as suspicious, after speaking to witnesses in the area on Sunday.

The area around the incident was also cordoned off by police on Sunday.

Lincolnshire Police Detective Sergeant Pete Grayson is looking after this case and is asking anyone with information to call police on 0300 111 0300.

Source: Lincolnshire Police | Related Report: Lincolnshire Echo