May 26, 2011 10.59 am This story is over 150 months old

Pupils go on China virtual bike race

Bike to school: County schools took part in a virtual race along the Great Wall of China as a reward to not using cars to come to school.

Pupils from Fosse Way School (George, left, Tristan, right) with Melissa Monks (left) and Emma Jarvis (right)

Lincolnshire schools have been taking part in a virtual bike race along the Great Wall of China and Fosse Way Junior School from North Hykeham won the competition.

The race has been running for the past three weeks and aims to make parents and children favour the bike rather than taking the car.

The competition involved collecting virtual miles, so parents, pupils and staff were encouraged to ride their bike to school — the more bikes the more virtual miles that school collected for their virtual journey along the Great Wall of China.

The school children are also being taught about the history of the historic wall by two workers from consulting firm Mouchel, which took part in a 280-mile bike ride in China.

Melissa Monks and Emma Jarvis were cycling for the charity Women for Women, and are giving assemblies at eight of the schools who took part in the scheme.

Councillor Mrs Patricia Bradwell, Executive Councillor for Children’s Services commended the Big Bike Race as “a fantastic way to get more children and parents on their bikes on the journey to school.”

“Not only are they getting more exercise, learning to cycle safely and reducing the congestion outside school, but they are also learning about historical landmark the Great Wall of China.”

Every school that took part in the Big Bike Race competition has seen an increase in the number of pupils cycling and the winning schools have seen the number of cycling pupils double.

Next term the school children will be challenged to the Continent Hopper Big Bike Race which is another virtual race, but this time between each of the seven continents.

Source: Lincolnshire County Council