Lincoln’s Local Health Profile in full

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The health of Lincoln city got a damning indictment its Local Health Profile for 2011, published by the Department of Health.

Key points from the document include:

  • Deprivation is higher than average for England, with 4,385 children living in poverty
  • Life expectancy is 11.9 years lower for men and 6.9 years lower for women in the poorest areas than the richest
  • 20.3% of year 6 pupils in the city are obese
  • Teen pregnancy levels are significantly worse than the England average
  • Early deaths from strokes, heart disease and cancer are higher than average
  • Overall, death rates are falling, but are higher than the average
  • Only 54.7% of white pupils in Lincoln’s schools achieved grades in school exams
  • Lincoln is among the worst cities in the country for rates of people staying in hospital because of self harm

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