July 1, 2011 12.15 pm This story is over 147 months old

New scrutiny committee sets programme

New committee: The City Council’s new scrutiny committee will be holding its first meeting next week.

The new Community Leadership Scrutiny Committee (CLSC) by the City of Lincoln Council will be holding its first meeting on July 5.

The CLSC, chaired by Councillor Karen Lee, aims to scrutinise the work and decisions of external organisations impacting Lincoln, as well as involving locals in the process.

In its first meeting, it will confirm the work programme for the year, protocols and reference terms for the committee

According to the Council, the role of the committee in scrutinising organisations include:

  • Involving local people and community organisations in scrutiny activity
  • Developing a dialogue with service providers and other stakeholders outside the council
  • Taking up issues of concern to local people
  • Reviewing whether goals are being achieved
  • Examining what can be done to solve problems and enhance performance and achievement

One of the first items the committee will look as is the County Council’s recent changes to the bus timetables, in the hope of reverting some of the new bus times.

Other items on the agenda so far include on-street parking, sport facilities, rail travel, Job Centre closure and NHS reform implications.

Committee Chair Councillor Karen Lee said: “As we are elected to represent the people of Lincoln, we feel our influence should reach further than decisions made in City Hall.

“Our partners – like the County Council, the police and health services – as well as private businesses, all make decisions that affect the lives of Lincoln people, and this committee will strive to make sure we get the best outcomes for the city.

“You can see from the next year’s work programme that our reach will go right across the board in terms of services provided for our residents.

“We are hopeful that our partners will be as keen as we are to work together and see how we can help each other to make the right decisions for the city.”

On July 20, the committee will also hold a special meeting about the potential closure of Queens Park School, put forward by Lincolnshire County Council.

The public are invited to both these events, and further details will be announced later on in the month.

Source: City of Lincoln Council