July 19, 2011 9.57 am This story is over 148 months old

Yarborough allotments to be restored

Restored: An allotment in uphill Lincoln will be put back into use after improvements.

It has been decided by the City of Lincoln Council that the unused allotment site on Yarborough Crescent will be restored.

The site had originally been closed by the City Council in 2002 due to low demand, and houses 40 plots.

However, after growing demand for allotment plots causing unrest from people on the 185-person-long waiting list, the Council passed the proposal to open the plots to the public again.

Before the public can use the plots, the site will need improving. The cost to restore the overgrown plots would cost around £40,000.

£10,000 would be spent on bringing the plots back to public use — not only bringing the plots back under control but also removing possible health hazards and adding facilities such as a water supply on site.

A further £30,000 is though to be needed on developing a full allotments strategy, which includes assessment of the needs of the site as well as demand levels.

The strategy aims to make use improvements are made throughout the life of the allotment, and help the Council manage the site better.

The funding to make the allotments let-able and to commission the strategy will be coming from the Council’s Invest to Save Reserve.

At the Executive Meeting on July 19, the Council passed the motion, adding that allotments not only allow people to sustain their own food, but also provide exercise and socialising

Allotments are also believed to help tackle poverty and disadvantage, one of the authority’s main aim to improve the city.