January 31, 2012 2.36 pm This story is over 123 months old

Lincoln makes the business link to Eastern Europe

Lincoln division: Eastern European web marketing company sets up offices in Lincoln.

Miles Scudamore (L) and Phil Kelsey (R) are the UK partners of the venture

An Ukraine-based company has set up a division in Lincoln to market UK products over the Internet to Eastern European countries.

Promodo‘s offices in The Terrace, headed by Phil Kelsey and Miles Scudamore, aim to help East Midlands companies drive web traffic and sales to e-commerce sites.

The company employs more than 60 staff across two offices in Kharkov and Moscow and has a turnover of more than £3 million.

It provides internet marketing via the Yandex search engine and Google.ru in countries where traditional SEO via Google.com is less effective.

Roman Viliavin, Promodo’s Vice CEO, said: “We are increasingly being asked by UK companies to help them break into the Eastern European markets and we want to build on that.

“The market for imports of both goods and services is strong here and the UK has a reputation for quality and innovation which is highly valued in Eastern Europe.

“Russian-speaking countries want to buy UK brands, but these UK companies often don’t reach their potential because they don’t realise how differently the internet works here. We can help them solve that problem and reach the right markets.”

The economy in the UK and Europe may be suffering but the markets in and around Russia are recovering quickly.

Phil Kelsey added: “With our search specialists based in the Ukraine it allows us to keep prices extremely competitive and our office in the UK allows us to now deal face-to-face with clients.”

Photo by Dominic Clark for The Lincolnite