April 4, 2012 3.39 pm This story is over 120 months old

Card skimming device removed from Ermine cash machine

Card fraud: A card skimming device used to raid people’s bank accounts has been removed from a Lincoln cash machine last week.

The cash point on Woodhall Drive was targeted by fraudsters

A card skimming device used by fraudsters to steal people’s bank details and raid their accounts has been removed from a cash machine in Lincoln.

Norwich and Peterborough removed last week a skimming device from a cash point at the Post Office on Woodhall Drive, in the Ermine.

It is not known how long the device was in place. Police believe a similar device was also removed from a nearby business by staff.

Fraudsters later attempted to take cash from 17 customers’ accounts, but these transactions were blocked by the bank.

Although they have not been reported to the police, it is believed that other cash machines have been targeted with skimming devices in the city recently and cash has been taken from victims’ accounts.

Some of the suspected cash machines include the ATM at Tesco on Wragby Road.

Card skimming devices can be very hard to notice

The devices used are smaller than a deck of cards and are often fastened near to or over the top of a cash machine’s card reader.

Lincolnshire Police spokesman James Newall explained not many people actually report these cases, as the banks mostly refund the money.

“We would advise anyone with any concerns to contact their bank as soon as possible for them to investigate,” he said.

“Remember — if you always cover your hand when you enter your PIN you will drastically reduce your chance of becoming a victim.

“Even if they skim your card, they still need the PIN and tiny cameras are often fitted to the roof of the machine to record you entering it.”

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