April 27, 2012 7.38 am This story is over 120 months old

Local filmmakers showcase wartime Lincolnshire

Historical film: A Lincoln film company have just finished producing a Lincolnshire wartime short film.

A film company from Lincoln and Lincolnshire County Council have brought the county during war time back to life in a new film.

The 15-minute short by Red Dog Film documents the story of Ada, who became a land girl near the coast during the Second World War.

The film, named By the Winter Sea, was made for Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park, and shows how much of the land by the coast was grazing marsh for cattle.

The film cost £40,000 to produce, and Coastal Country Park contributed £8,000.

The rest of the funds came from Red Dog Film and people donating time, props and filming locations.

All of the film was shot in the county, with Ada’s arrival filmed in the wolds and a 1940’s steam train, and a Home Guard training exercise near Anderby Creek.

Film director Philip Stevens said: “I’m very pleased with the film, which tells the story of Ada, and the reality of her experiences as a land girl.

“We hope that By the Winter Sea will be enjoyed by many people, in Lincolnshire and beyond.”

Councillor Eddy Poll said: “The film is a beautiful snapshot of life on the Lincolnshire coast during the 1940s, and shows the experience of England at home during the war.

“It’s visually stunning, and a great showcase for the landscape of Lincolnshire.”

While Lincolnshire Coastal Grazing Marshes will use the film for educational purposes and visitor information, The Collection in Lincoln will also be playing the film from April 30 at 2pm everyday until May 6.

The film will also be available to watch online soon.

Source: Lincolnshire County Council