May 8, 2012 12.40 pm This story is over 119 months old

University student displays his artistic “territory”

Terrific tees: A university student has started his own clothing label, thanks to the help of friends and his job.

A university student has started his own clothes label in Lincoln, thanks to friends taking a liking to his designs.

Lloyd Shand (21) is the owner of Territorial Clothing, which so far features detailed, animal-themed designs (pictured).

He is currently in his second year at the University of Lincoln studying Graphic Design and Illustration, said he’s always enjoyed drawing.

“When I was in middle school we had to read for 10 minutes in between classes, but I didn’t like reading because I wasn’t very good at it so I asked if I could draw.”

Alongside his course, Lloyd also works at Wildcard in The Mall, which specialises in producing alternative clothing and merchandise.

“I got started there after I finished my job at Game. I’d been doing some designs over the summer, and some of my friends wanted have some designs on t-shirts.

“So I went into Wildcard and asked if they could put them onto t-shirts and the manager said ‘I can, but I can also give you a job.'”

“Through that I started my own label, and I help with other people who have designs they wanted putting on t-shirts, or people who are looking for some.”

Lloyd mentions that he is inspired by French street artist Rosh (formerly Roshi).

“I get a lot of my inspiration from Rosh. He does huge drawings on a walls using spray paints.

“It’s hugely detailed and colourful, using strong black lines.”

Lloyd’s apparel available to buy and upcoming designs can be found on Facebook.