August 1, 2012 3.32 pm This story is over 135 months old

Walk and Ride: higher fares or shorter routes?

Consultation: In order to maintain the Walk and Ride service, council has to either increase bus fares or reduce the route and operation hours.

People who use the Walk and Ride bus service in Lincoln are being given the opportunity to voice their opinion about it’s financial future.

In a move to secure the service’s long-term viability, users of Walk and Ride will be consulted on a range of possible options to help make the bus service more financially sustainable.

The City of Lincoln Council agreed to continue running the service after support for it was withdrawn by a number of local organisations.

The Walk and Ride bus service helps connect the uphill and downhill shopping areas in Lincoln and has been operating in Lincoln since 2001.

The service has carried 74,449 passengers between 2011 and 2012 and is estimated to cost the City of Lincoln Council £65,000 a year to run and maintain.

Possible ideas for cost reduction include: increasing bus fares, reducing the route, or reducing the overall number of service hours.

City of Lincoln Councillor, Neil Murray, said: “We are doing everything we can to put the Walk and Ride bus service in a financially secure position.

“Given the reduction in funding, we need to make changes in the service to keep it going, but we don’t want to do that without knowing what the public want.”

“I hope we get lots of responses to the survey, so we can make solid decisions about the service.”

Members of the public can have their say by completing an online form on the City Council website.

Closing date for all consultations is Tuesday, August 12.

Source: City of Lincoln Council