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Lincolnshire memorial to heroes of the skies looking for memories

Dambusters: A memorial will be erected on the top of Canwick Hill for the 25,000 aircrew from Bomber Command flying from Lincolnshire who died in WW2.

During World War 2, over 25,000 aircrew from Bomber Command flying from Lincolnshire died. To mark their sacrifice, a memorial will be erected on the top of Canwick Hill in Lincoln.

The chosen site overlooks Lincoln Cathedral, which was a major landmark for crews leaving Lincolnshire and was a navigation point for those lucky enough to return. 46% of all Bomber Command’s casualties were based in Lincolnshire.

The project is led by the Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire and has support from the Bomber Command Association, local councils, County Council, Lincolnshire Lancaster Association, Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire, active RAF stations in the county and elsewhere, Lincoln Cathedral and the University of Lincoln. Many other individuals and organisations have also pledged their support.

The formal launch is planned to take place in May 2013 at RAF Scampton, as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the famous Dambusters Raid which left from Lincolnshire in May 1943 as part of Bomber Command.

It is hoped to have the memorial completed by May 2015 to mark the 70th anniversary of the official ending of hostilities in World War 2.

Through its website, the Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial is inviting anyone with a story about the Command whether as a member of the crew, supporting personnel, Lincolnshire resident or family member to participate.

They hope to collect a wide range of stories, from differing perspectives to put on show at the launch and eventually at the Memorial. Some stories have already been uploaded and are available to read on the Your Memories page of the website.

To post your memories please send them with any photos to [email protected].

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