February 6, 2013 3.10 pm This story is over 111 months old

Immigrant inmates give garden tools in Lincoln second life

Recycling scheme: Old garden tools can now be refurbished by inmates at the immigration centre near Lincoln and passed on to schools and charities.

Lincoln residents with old or damaged garden tools can still put them to good use as part of a recycling scheme in the city.

Old, broken and unwanted gardening tools can be given to the Household Waste Recycling Centre on Great Northern Terrace at part of a Tools Shed scheme.

They are then fixed by volunteer inmates at IRC Morton Hall, Swinderby, an immigrant removal centre, who learn new skills taking part.

Once refurbished, the tools are passed on to schools, charities and community groups at special events, to be used for community gardens and projects.

Tools Shed was set up by Lincolnshire County Council and the Conservation Foundation.

Zoe Cabot, site inspector, Environmental Services, said: “This is a great way of ensuring that old and broken garden tools can be useful again instead of being thrown on the scrap heap.

“With some careful repairs, they can be as good as new, and ensure that community projects have all the equipment they need to garden.”

There is a crate especially for non-electrical garden tools at the recycling centre. Inform a member of staff so they can help you contribute.

Schools, charities or organisations who think they would benefit from the scheme can get in touch by emailing the Conservation Foundation on [email protected]