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Lincolnshire PCC Hardwick campaigns for extra police funding

Better deal for Lincolnshire: If all English police forces would follow the Lincolnshire model, the government could save more than £1 billion in funding.

If all English police forces would follow the Lincolnshire model, the government could save more than £1 billion in funding, said Lincolnshire PCC Alan Hardwick, who is campaigning for a better funding deal for the county’s force.

PCC Hardwick is presenting his yearly report to the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel in June and said he will talk about funding the force.

“If all English forces except London spent at the same level per head of population as Lincolnshire, this would produce a saving of more than £1 billion pounds set against £5.5 billion in government grants provided to forces through the formula grant.

“I would like the government to consider this seriously. I know that following the Lincolnshire model would go hard with most forces, because we exemplify the gold standard practice for finance.

“What I would say to the government is that we have proven over many years that we can drive out the best value for every pound that we are given. However, enough is enough. Look at other forces that have the luxury of vast reserves and leave Lincolnshire alone.”

Alan Hardwick will also look back at the achievements of the former Police Authority and since he took office in November 2012.

“I’m also looking forward to the future,” PCC Hardwick said.

“There is a lot to do still, but in reviewing the last year and in particular last six months, I am heartened with the amount of positivity that I am able to report.

“Discussed in the report are volunteering, rural policing, and targeted operations against hare coursing and metal theft, both very successful.”

G4S contract delivering

“As far as G4S is concerned, that is a contract that I inherited from the Police Authority for 10 years,” explained PCC Hardwick.

“The contract is performing well for the people of Lincolnshire. It is delivering savings in excess of the savings we expected.

“The contract envisaged a saving of around 13% on the part of the operation now run by G4S. The actual savings are near 18%.

“It is a robust contract and it is working for the people of Lincolnshire, and it is of course very closely monitored,” Alan Hardwick added.

The contract started a year ago and transferred most of the backroom staff duties from police to G4S.

New crime panel chairperson expected

An MPs report this week looking into the role of Police and Crime Commissioners has described Alan Hardwick’s suspension of the chief constable earlier this year as “disruptive” and “costly”.

The report also criticised the local Police and Crime Panel for failing to meet on a regular basis to scrutinise the decision, and therefore further leaving the public in the dark about the issue.

Chairman of the, Councillor Ray Wootten, resigned from the role on May 16 following the hearing from MPs.

PCC Hardwick commented: “I did have a good working relationship with him as chairman of the panel. He is a man of integrity, and I don’t know who his replacement will be, but I look forward to a productive and positive relationship with the chairperson of the panel.”

An independent investigation into the allegations behind the chief constable’s suspension continues. It is led by Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy.

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