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Thousands visited heritage crafts event at Lincoln Castle

A good year: The third 1,000 Years of Traditional Crafts event held at Lincoln Castle proved popular with visitors.

The third 1,000 Years of Traditional Crafts event held at Lincoln Castle on the June 22-23 weekend proved popular with visitors.

Over 3,000 people visited the Castle for the event, which gave visitors an insight into old skills like stonemasonry and lead work, and the importance of preserving them.

Activities also included allowing people to take tours across the Castle Wall walkways, including the newest section on the south-facing wall.

These tours were led by Project Co-ordinator and Stone Conservator Jane Harrison from Woodhead Heritage, which helped build the new Castle Wall.

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Jessica Marshall from Lincolnshire County Council and Event Organiser said: “We are really pleased with the success of the 1,000 Years event.

“Feedback from members of the public has been brilliant with many comments about how interesting and interactive the event was.

“Children particularly seemed to enjoy all the activities that were provided for them to try including the simulated archaeological dig in the children’s marquee and the display by FAS Heritage of some of the finds from the archaeological digs within the Castle including roman horseshoes, pottery and coins.

“I’m already looking forward to future 1,000 Years events so that we can continue to maintain the profile of the Lincoln Castle project and to highlight the importance of heritage skills now and in the future.”

Over 700 people enjoyed the Castle Wall guided tours.

Over 700 people went on the Castle Wall guided tours.

Simon Butler from Woodhead Heritage added: “Events like these are so important. It is fantastic to see so many traditional crafts being practised and supported, and the guided tours of the Castle Wall were a great success.

“Working on Lincoln Castle is a privilege and we have a duty to protect it for future generations. We are also passionate about protecting and building heritage skills. With 23 stonemasons working on the Castle Walls, we know the importance of these skills now and for the future.”

“Once our work is complete, visitors to the Castle will be able to walk the Castle Walls which will undoubtedly be a great attraction.”

Lincolnshire County Council Tourism Development Manager, Mary Powell said: “The restoration of the Castle Walls once complete will be a major attraction in themselves.

“With the larger and on-going Lincoln Castle Revealed project, we are aiming to boost tourism by as much as 30%.

“In fact an independent assessment concluded that the wider Lincoln Castle Revealed project could lead to a 29-55% increase in the overall value of tourism to Lincolnshire so we know just how important this project is to the people of Lincolnshire.”

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