July 10, 2013 11.51 am This story is over 124 months old

Nearly 100 arrests in first month of Lincolnshire drink driving campaign

Tackling drink drivers: In one month, police dealt with 79 cases of drink or drug drivers on Lincolnshire’s roads.

Lincolnshire Police arrested 79 people on suspected drink or drug related driving offences in the first month of a summer anti-drink driving campaign.

The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership campaign focuses on the BBQ season, when people are likely to enjoy drinks with friends then consider driving home.

The campaign started on May 31, and police carried out roadside checks with a Breathalyser and Field Impairment Test (FIT) during early mornings, evenings and at night.

Last year, five people died and 120 were injured in 80 drink or drug-related collisions in Lincolnshire.

The Road Safety Partnership say drivers have a responsibility to make sure they are fit to drive.

People may think they are able to drive due to the body processing alcohol at roughly one unit per hour, but different factors can affect the calculation.

These include age, gender, weight, body mass, metabolism, general health, type of alcohol and liver health.

Since the beginning of July, there have been a further 10 people arrested on suspicion of drink or drug driving.