February 7, 2014 10.38 am This story is over 100 months old

Entrepreneur reopens Lincoln’s smallest coffee shop

Little Espresso Company: A TV set construction manager has bought Lincoln’s smallest coffee shop on eBay and reopened it for trade.

Entrepreneur Laurie Griffiths has taken a back seat from his 37-year career in television set construction after spotting the smallest coffee shop in Lincoln listed on eBay.

The move has seen Laurie swap life behind the sets of the Spooks series, Ashes to Ashes and Silent Witness, for a set of a ‘smaller’ scale.

Despite not drinking coffee himself, he admits he has always enjoyed making it and leapt at the chance to take over the business.

The Little Espresso Company on Silver Street closed in October 2013 after founder and owner Adam Lowiss decided on a career move.

After a fresh revamp, the corridor business was bought online by Laurie, who travels from Northampton daily to man the shop.

The Little Espresso Company, which reopened last month, will be selling much of the same products with some new additions such as sandwiches, pastries, syrups and sweets.

As well as the expanding menu, Laurie has also lowered the prices.

The shop is currently open Monday to Friday 7.30am until 3pm.

The coffee delivery service is set to resume in March and he is looking to employ delivery staff as well as someone to take over daily duties when he goes away for temporary TV projects.

Laurie Griffiths said: “Since re-opening we have been extremely busy and I have a lot of regular customers.

“This week, I am meeting with my web designers with the view to resume the online ordering service and social media.

“I have lots planned for the summer months including a range of fresh fruit smoothies provided by a Grantham company.

“Future plans also include deals for students – although I believe I am currently cheaper than the facilities provided on campus.

“I aim to source all of my stock as locally as possible.”