Lincoln charity rescues abandoned foal

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A Lincoln charity has taken a newborn foal into its care after it was dumped into a ditch near Mablethorpe.

The foal, believed to be around one week old, was found lying cold and wet in a muddy ditch with dirty water on April 3.

The RSPCA were called out by a concerned person and worked with Fenwold vets to move him to a safe and dry location.

On recovery, the foal was suffering from under-nourishment and his temperature was below average. He was given emergency overnight treatment.

He was also diagnosed as having a worm burden, which is dangerous to any horse but can be fatal to a foal.

The foal, later named Moses (Hebrew for ‘carried from the water’), was taken in by the Bransby Horses charity, near Sturton by Stow on April 4.

Moses is being treated in quarantine at the Bransby Horses centre. Photo: Bransby Horses.

Moses is being treated in quarantine at the Bransby Horses centre. Photo: Bransby Horses.

Moses’ mother has not been located and he will need constant sanctuary care from the staff at the charity.

A foster parent at the charity will be introduced gradually to Moses.

Sam Waterer from Bransby Horses said: “With mounting vets bills, constant milk supply and staffing, we need all the help we can get from members of the public.

“With no mother to suckle from, Moses has been bottle fed around the clock and is now moving onto a specially designed bucket with teats that would mimic his mother’s.

“Abandonment rates are on the up and our phone never stops ringing.

“Most of the time the reason behind this is that people just don’t realise how easy horses are to breed and how expensive the animals are to keep.

If you have any information about the incident, or would like to see how you can help, call 01427 787369 or visit the Bransby Horses website.

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