Police warning after Lincoln West End burglaries

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Police are warning residents to secure their properties after four homes have been targeted by burglars in the West End of Lincoln at the weekend.

Electronics, wallets, cash, and bags were taken in the burglaries.

Two of the incidents happened on Newland Street West, one on Charles Street West and one on Gresham Street; one burglary was reported on Friday, May 23, and two on Saturday, May 24.

The Gresham Street burglary is believed to have happened between 2am and 6am on May 24.

Offenders are thought to have gained access through a rear door that was left unlocked. They took a wallet and cash.

On Newland Street West, a laptop and iPad were stolen after offenders made their way into a property through an unlocked rear door.

Nearby on Charles Street West, offenders entered the property through an unlocked rear door, but no items are thought to have been taken.

Also Newland Street West, a burglary is believed to have occurred between 11pm on May 22 and 6.15am on May 23 after a rear door and window were left open.

A laptop, handbag, car and house keys, bank card and identification cards were all taken in this burglary.

Officers are urging people to remember to secure their homes as instances of insecurity burglaries typically rise around this time of year, especially when people are enjoying the warmer weather.

Students who live in shared housing are also reminded to remember to shut and lock all doors and windows as burglars can often make off with a number of high-value electrical items from these properties.

Inspector Pat Coates, of Lincoln Community Policing, said: “We are again reminding people to secure their homes and make sure all doors and windows are locked.

“It is very easy to simply forget to make sure that everything is secure, especially when you go to bed, but if you take just a few minutes to double-check you could save yourself a lot of upset and hours of inconvenience trying to sort out the aftermath of being burgled.

“We are also urging students who live in shared properties to be vigilant and not simply assume that each other have locked up because it might not always be the case.

“Burglars who access these properties can easily make off with a number of high-value electrical goods.

“If you take the time to make sure that everything is shut and secure you will deprive opportunistic burglars the chance of getting into your home.”

Police would like to hear from anyone who may have seen or heard anything suspicious relating to the four burglaries over the weekend.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 quoting incident 59 of 23/05/2014 or incidents 119, 130 or 113 of 24/05/2014.