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Birchwood residents save abandoned lurchers

Abandoned lurchers: A total of seven diseased Lurcher dogs have been dumped in the Birchwood estate in Lincoln in 10 days – and one remains to be caught.

A total of seven diseased Lurcher dogs have been dumped in the Birchwood estate area in Lincoln in 10 days – and one remains to be caught.

RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid and Lincoln are working with local kennels, dog wardens and members of the public to recover the one remaining dog as sightings continue.

They are appealing for people to be extra vigilant in helping retrieve the pup, which is described as dirty, wearing a red collar and suffering with a contagious mites condition.

Reports have been received of a person seen dumping the dog out of a car on Hurn Close, off Woodfield Avenue. The dogs are thought to be biologically related.

Residents in the area first reported sightings of three stray dogs on May 30. The Lurchers appeared to be extremely malnourished, scared and suffering from a severe skin irritation.

All three dogs were eventually recovered by a City of Lincoln Council dog warden. With the help of local residents and, after a trip to the vets, the dogs were confirmed to have a highly contagious case of mange – a skin disease caused by parasitic mites.

On June 8, four more dogs of a similar description were spotted in the same area. Three were brought in by residents and a dog warden, who suffered a few bites in the process.

RSPCA staff said the dogs were suffering from a severe case of mange which had been left untreated.

RSPCA staff said the dogs were suffering from a severe case of mange which had been left untreated.

Julie Nelder, the Animal Warden for the City of Lincoln Council, thanked residents on the branch Facebook page and said she was recovering from bites.

She said: “If any dog is seen during the working week, please telephone the Public Protection Team on 01522 873 378 and I will try to attend as soon as possible.”

The dogs were taken to local kennels and the RSPCA branch are appealing for help with vets bills and donations of duvets, as they are using around 3 a day.

Any sightings of the last remaining dog should be reported to a regional inspector on 0300 1234 999.

Chair to Fundraising Team at the RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln Branch, Amy Clarkson, said: “We started to receive calls that dogs had been spotted on the Birchwood, all looking severely distressed and thin.

“What’s great was the way that everyone in the community has been coming together to help retrieve the dogs. They are coming along nicely and even playing with toys.

“The six dogs that we have put into care are doing very well and are clearly very happy in the company of the others.

“We are confident that the dogs all know each other and came from the same place – judging from the similarity of their condition.

“We believe Missy and Jasper are litter mates and that we have also picked up mum and dad.

“Although nothing has been confirmed, we have heard reports that the dogs were seen to be dumped, and so we are urging anyone who witnessed any suspicious activity to come forward with information.

“With regards to the last stray dog, we are thanking anyone who wishes to help but must stress that the mange condition it is afflicted with is highly contagious.

“One dog, through fear, has been lashing out and we are aware a warden has been bitten, so the best thing to do if you see the last remaining dog is to call the warden.”

If you would like to help or donate a duvet, you can contact the team on 01522 544862.

Those wishing to donate can do so on the branch’s Just Giving page, or text LURC33 to 70070 to contribute £1, £2, £5 or £10.

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