Over 30 trees marked for the chop in Lincoln Castle renovations

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Lincolnshire County Council wants to cut 31 trees in the Lincoln Castle grounds in preparation of the £22 million regeneration project reveal.

The work to Lincoln Castle is due to reach completion in April 2015, in time to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, and has involved reconstruction of the castle walls and on-site buildings.

The project has previously involved the removal of trees on the external banks of the castle and internal Lucy Tower motte in order to safeguard the castle walls against damage caused by tree roots.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Landscape Management Plan now requires the removal of 31 trees “to protect and reveal historical architectural features”.

The planning authority at the City of Lincoln Council will consider the proposal on Wednesday, December 10 and decide whether the trees should be protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

Trees (circled in red) to be felled ahead of Lincoln Castle's big reveal. File: LCC

Trees (circled in red) to be felled ahead of Lincoln Castle’s big reveal. File: LCC

The work will retain 14 trees on the site.

The trees to be felled, which mostly sit on the northern and western banks of the castle walls, have the potential to cause damage to the fabric of the walls.

The county council say they also obstruct the view of the castle walls, Cobb Hall and Bath House.

Generally the trees have been deemed to be in good health. Eight have however been regarded as having poor form.


Trees currently obstruct views of and from the Lincoln Castle walls.

Amanda Bond, senior development officer at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “The proposal is to remove trees that are currently masking the architecture.

“This will enhance the new-look site and make it more appealing for visitors. Many trees will remain in the grounds, including the large ones along the lawn. Replacement planting opportunities are being explored at alternative sites around the city.”


Some of the trees that will be removed from Lincoln Castle grounds