Thefts from vehicles spike in north Lincoln

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Police in the Castle and Minster wards of Lincoln are advising vehicle owners after a theft spike in the lead up to Christmas.

Some 15 incidents of theft have been reported to police in the north of Lincoln over two weeks, and many have involved possessions being taken from motor vehicles.

  • Incident 132 November 30 – refers to a Taken From Motor Vehicle on Queen Elizabeth Road where an Ipad 3, Asus Laptop and a Reebok bag containing clothes was stolen
  • Incident 358 November 30 – refers to a Taken From Motor Vehicle on Saxon Street where a brown handbag containing a silver necklace was stolen
  • Incident 72 December 3 – refers to an Attempt Theft From Motor Vehicle on Upper Saxon Street where a rear window was smashed, nothing has been reported as stolen
  • Incident 56 December 5 – refers to a Taken From Motor Vehicle on Chestnut Street where loose change was stolen
  • Incident 364 December 6 – refers to a Taken From Motor Vehicle on Higson Road where cash, a Fisher Price Bounce and play and a TomTom Satnav was stolen
  • Incident 68 December 8 – refers to a Taken From Motor Vehicle on Laughton Way North where a Stihl hedge cutter and a Stihl blower was stolen
  • Incident 78 December 8 – refers to a Taken From Motor Vehicle on Manton Road where a laptop bag was stolen, fortunately the laptop was not in the vehicle
  • Incident 50 December 9 – refers to a Taken From Motor Vehicle on Harmston Close where a CD and paperwork has been stolen
  • Incident 110 December 10 – refers to a Taken From Motor Vehicle on Brattleby Crescent where a Stihl Safety Guard BG86 leaf blower was stolen
  • Incident 173 December 11 – refers to a Taken From Motor Vehicle on Deansleigh where a purse containing bank cards has been stolen
  • Incident 146 December 13 – refers to a Taken From Motor Vehicle on Redbourne Drive where a purse containing bank cards has been stolen

Officers are advising people to not leave any items in their cars to prevent them from becoming victims.

Officers said in a social media post: “This includes coats, bags, CDs, DVDs, sunglasses, electronic device chargers/cradles, spare change, perfumes, tools or any valuables such as a SatNav, mobile phone, wallets/purses or cash.

“It is also a good idea to leave compartments, such as the glove box, open so that it is obvious to anyone looking through your vehicle that there are no valuables inside.”

During the same window, a number of burglaries have taken place in north Lincoln. A percentage of these burglaries involved parcels being stolen from doorsteps after being left by a courier:

  • Incident 358 November 30 – refers to a Burglary in Epworth View where a playstation 4 was stolen
  • Incident 327 December 2 – refers to a Burglary on Ruskin Avenue where a gold locket, a gold bracelet, a gold ladies watch, a gold cluster ring with red stones, two gold signet rings with oval shaped black stone were stolen
  • Incident 179 December 6 – refers to a theft on Thurlby Crescent where a parcel was stolen that was left by the courier on the doorstep. This parcel contained red high heeled shoes with devil tail and horns, a pale blue Zombie mermaid shoes, a dark coloured skirt with skull print and a handbag with devil features.
  • Incident 388 December 8 – refers to a theft on Thurlby Crescent where a male attempted to steal a parcel left on the door step by the courier. Fortunately the owner returned just as the male was leaving the garden to the property and the package was handed back. Suspect description – White male, approximately 6ft, skinny with short brown hair. Wearing a Royal Blue coloured coat and stonewashed jeans. He spoke English with no accent. The males identity is unknown.

Officers stated on social media: “It is coming up to the Christmas period and more packages are going to be delivered in time for Christmas.

“The above two incidents are a clear reminder that opportunistic thieves are operating in our area. It is a good idea to ask a trusted neighbour to receive packages for you whilst you are out and to let the courier know where to deliver your packages by leaving a note on the door.”

Anyone with information regarding the above crimes should contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 quoting the relevant incident number.

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