Lincolnshire council tax set to rise by 1.9%

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For the first time in four years, Lincolnshire County Council is proposing to increase council tax by 1.9%.

Following the latest round of budget cuts from government, the County Council will see reduced funding of £33.5 million in 2015/16, compared to the previous year.

In previous years Lincolnshire County Council chose to forego council tax increases in return for a tax freeze grant from the government.

However, this year the council estimates that a council tax increase of 1.9% will generate additional income of £4.27 million to its budget.

A rise in council tax of 2% or more would require a local referendum.

To make up for its funding shortfall, Lincolnshire County Council also wants to plug the gap with some £32 million from its reserves.

Services earmarked for budget cuts include ‘Sustaining and Growing Business and the Economy’, which will see a 12% cut, while Readiness for School and Adult Life will see reductions of -11% and -7% respectively.

The expected budget cuts per service in Lincolnshire.

The expected budget cuts per service in Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire Police and district councils, including the City of Lincoln Council, will also have to decide whether to increase their share of the council tax, but this is not expected until early spring.

With tight funding and another cut to its budget announced, Lincolnshire Police is likely to want to increase its share of council tax too, which last year increased by 1.99% as well.

A consultation on the proposed changes is currently underway.

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