Over 20% of Lincoln employees paid less than living wage

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Around 20% of employees in Lincoln are paid less than the living, according to data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

In November last year, the living wage was increased to £7.85 for areas outside of London; the minimum wage is currently £6.50.

The data, estimated by ONS based on its 2014 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, shows that in Lincoln 20.2% of employees were paid less than living wage.

Of these, 17.2% were male and 22.5 were female. Some 34.2% of employees were working on part-time contracts.

In North Kesteven 31.2% of employees were paid less than minimum wage, in West Lindsey showed 28.9% and East Lindsey showed 28.8%.

The East Midlands, as a whole, has the largest percentage of people paid less than the living wage in the whole of the England and Wales at 24.7% – one in four jobs,

On average 21.7% of people in the UK are on less than living wage.

The figures have been analysed and ranked by general union GMB in a campaign to convince local authorities to back living wage.

Andy Worth, GMB Regional Secretary for the East Midlands said: “The Living Wage matters because it takes into account the income that people need for a minimum acceptable standard of living. It is a first step towards a rate of pay that people can live on without relying on benefits. Life below the Living Wage is a life of want and worry for millions of workers and their families.

“Town halls can’t solve the low-pay problem on their own and some in the worst-hit areas are already signed up to the Living Wage. But councils are a very important part of the picture locally, not least through their procurement of goods and services from other local employers.”