February 28, 2015 12.33 pm This story is over 105 months old

Campaign group takes to Lincoln streets to “protect the NHS”

Calling on MP candidates: People in support of the campaign group 38 Degrees took to Lincoln High Street with the message “Save Our NHS”.

People in support of the campaign group 38 Degrees took to Lincoln High Street on Saturday, February 28, with the message “Save Our NHS”.

The Lincoln demonstration joined a national day of action with around 9,000 people protesting in towns and cities across the country.

The Lincoln 38 Degrees group are hoping to gain as many signatures as possible for an online petition, which calls on MP candidates to ensure the NHS is protected against privatisation after the May general election.

The Lincoln petition currently has almost 700 signatures.

The group are also campaigning for extra funding, and promises that the service is kept away from TTIP trade deals.

Matthew Buckley, a 38 Degrees member from Lincoln, said: “We all need the NHS at our best and worst moments in life. That’s why I’m spreading the word about our campaign and collecting signatures on our local petition.

“Lincoln’s day of action shows our MP candidates that if they want to sell off or run down our NHS, they’ll have a fight on their hands.”

David Babbs, Executive Director of 38 Degrees, said: “This day of action should send a clear message to politicians: you’re being watched by millions of us fighting to protect our NHS.

“The NHS is the best healthcare system in the world, and it belongs to all of us. But too many politicians have ignored the doctors and nurses on the frontline. They’ve turned their back on the principle of an NHS owned by all of us and working to save lives, rather than to make money.”