Lincoln couple’s fright after finding 5ft snake inside hired van

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A Lincoln couple received an unexpected fright when a 5ft snake slithered out from behind the driver’s seat of a van they had rented from a hire company in the city.

Deborah Stott and her husband Stewart were travelling on the A156 near Torksey at around 7.30pm on April 7 when they saw the corn snake inside the van, which they had rented over the Easter weekend.

The snake had been hiding in the area where the seatbelts retract in the van.


The corn snake slithered out from behind the driver’s seat.

Deborah said: “We were driving back to Lincoln and my husband suddenly shouted to me to get out the van.

“We got out and saw the snake crawling up along the window and dashboard.

“We rang the police and I convinced them that I wasn’t drunk or mad and I was serious as I don’t imagine they get those sort of calls every day!


Deborah said she tried to guide the snake into a pillow case. 

“I ripped open a cushion, took out the padding and encouraged the snake to go in there.

“We had a very lucky escape as it was a beautiful snake, in wonderful condition and it was quite docile, and probably confused about where it was!”


The reptile appeared to be docile.

The couple drove back to Lincoln and dropped the snake off at the Animal Welfare Centre on Rookery Lane later that evening.

The RSPCA collected the snake on April 8, and transported it to a farm in Nottinghamshire.

Staff at the farm, who wished to remain anonymous, said that snakes are kept there for at least four weeks before new homes are found.