May 4, 2015 1.25 pm This story is over 102 months old

MP candidates on the menu at Lincoln pub

Don’t miss out: A pub has created its own speciality burgers for each of the six candidates standing to become Lincoln’s MP.

A pub in Bracebridge Heath has entered into the spirit of the general election by creating its own speciality burgers for each of the candidates standing to become Lincoln’s next MP.

With polling day fast approaching, The Bull off London Road, has created six limited edition burgers, named after the general election candidates which it will be serving throughout this week.

Each burger is themed using the party colours, with the Karl McCartney (Conservative) burger being a grilled chicken breast topped with a blue cheese sauce.

The Lucy Rigby (Labour) is a 6oz beef burger on a bed of red lettuce and red onion topped with melted cheese and red peppers, while the Ross Pepper (Lib Dem) is also a beef burger, but with cheddar, yellow peppers and English mustard.

The Nick Smith (UKIP) is a beef burger with smoked streaky bacon, braised red cabbage and melted cheddar while the Lincolnshire.

Helen Powell (Lincolnshire Independents) combines two Lincolnshire sausages in a baguette, barbecue sauce and more melted cheddar.

To round the selection off, the Elaine Smith (TUSC) is a beef burger with beetroot, mayonnaise and fresh red peppers.

Theresa Bowles and Kieron Hover, managers at the pub, said: “We decided to create the burgers to inject some fun into the elections and maybe the winner of the Lincoln seat will come to the pub and try their namesake burger.

“The polling station is just around the corner so it would be nice for people to go and vote and then come into the pub and try one our burgers – perhaps of the candidate they just voted for!”

The Bull are serving these election specialities all week until Friday, when the winner of the Lincoln constituency, if not the whole country, should be known.

Five of the candidates will also be appearing this evening at the highly-anticipated and historic Lincoln Debate.