August 14, 2015 2.50 pm This story is over 99 months old

Lincoln woman fined for repeatedly leaving bins out on street

Convicted and fined: A Lincoln woman who repeatedly left her dustbins on the pavement has been fined £740.

A Lincoln woman who repeatedly left her dustbins on the pavement has been fined £740.

Clare Clifton, of Ripon Street, left her bins on the street for between two and five days after her collection day on at least six occasions between March 20 and June 1 this year.

She was fined £400 and ordered to pay costs of £150, as well as a £40 victims’ surcharge and £150 Criminal Courts Charge after being found guilty in her absence at a hearing at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, August 13.

City of Lincoln Council first investigated the case in March following a complaint from a member of the public.

An officer from the council’s Public Protection and Anti-Social Behaviour team found three wheelie bins had been left out obstructing the pavement two days after collection day.

A warning letter was sent and several further attempts to contact Clifton also failed.

She was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice on May 22 but this was not paid and the council decided to take legal action.

Sam Barstow, Service Manager for Public Protection and Anti-Social Behaviour, said: “In cases like this we make several visits and issue at least two warnings before going to court as a last resort.

“We prefer to work with people to explain why taking your bin in is so important and help them if there is a particular reason they are struggling to do so.

“However, in this case, we were unable to make contact and all opportunities to resolve the situation were ignored.

“People obstructing pavements and streets by leaving out their bins is one of the most common complaints we receive.

“It is quite a serious issue, especially in some parts of Lincoln where streets are very narrow.

“The bins are unsightly but more importantly they are a nuisance and a danger to pedestrians. The elderly, wheelchair users, families with young children and children in pushchairs are either forced onto the road or cannot get past.”

Anyone who experiences problems with people leaving their bins out can call the Public Protection and Anti-Social Behaviour Team on 01522 873378, or report it online.