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Introducing Lincolnshire Broadband Week

Broadband solutions: Find out how you can get involved with Lincolnshire Broadband Week and follow the discussion with industry leaders.

This week is Lincolnshire Broadband Week on periodically holds themed weeks. These are weeks where all the posts are focussed around on single subject and tend to get a lot of engagement from the readership.

This is usually manifested in a high level of social media shares, typically on Facebook and/or LinkedIn depending on the subject matter but also Twitter. Living as I do in Lincoln I decided it was time to have a Lincolnshire Broadband Week.

During Lincolnshire Broadband Week we will be publishing a mix guest posts that include service providers, wannabe service providers and a range of case studies concerning innovative uses for broadband.

We will feature BT’s next generation tech, Fibre to the Premises and wireless. Also covered will be how superfast broadband is driving the use of cloud technologies, how the pace of technology development is driving the need for faster and faster broadband and innovative examples of how the availability of superfast broadband is changing the working patterns of some people.

Lincolnshire is a very rural county with, in parts, very low population densities. Our county council has for years made efforts to drive availability all over the region

This week is also an opportunity for people living in Lincolnshire to have their voices heard.

Are you happy with the progress of superfast broadband in your area? How has superfast broadband changed your behaviour when it comes to using the internet, or even in your everyday lives?

As well as leaving comments and sharing blog posts with your own social network we are also encouraging people to join the B4RL Facebook group.

Short for Broadband 4 Rural Lincolnshire, B4RL aims to emulate similar fora in other parts of the UK where there is already a lively debate on the subject of superfast broadband and its availability.

Whether you already have superfast broadband, are still eagerly awaiting its arrival or are disillusioned and deep in the trough of despair because your house isn’t even on the waiting list you should be tuning in to for Lincolnshire broadband week. Bookmark the site, follow @tref  and #lincsbroadband on Twitter and join the B4RL group. is the personal blog of Trefor Davies. Tref was cofounder and Technical Director of Newark based business broadband ISP Timico and is now Chairman of one of the world’s leading Internet Exchange Points LONAP. Lincolnshire broadband week is generously supported by onlincolnshire.

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Trefor Davies has led a varied career at the top of the internet industry in the UK. He was cofounder and CTO of Newark business broadband provider Timico during which time he was on the board of the ISP Association, Internet Telephony Service Providers Association and the SIP Forum - the global trade association of Internet Telephony providers. Tref is now on the Industrial Panel of Bangor University School of Engineering and Chairman of LONAP, one of the world's top Internet Exchange Points and has a number of business interests. You may remember him as the person who organised the pigeon versus broadband race a few years ago.