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Thousands of Jedi Knights living in Lincolnshire

The force awakens: The force is strong in Lincolnshire. That’s because thousands of people in the county consider themselves to be Jedi Knights.

The force is strong in Lincolnshire. Especially because, in an increasingly secular world, one ‘religion’ is on the rise in the county – Jediism.

As Star Wars fans flock to cinemas across the county this week, after the release of The Force Awakens, data shows over 3,000 people in Greater Lincolnshire consider themselves Jedi Knights.

It began as a joke at the expense of statisticians, but the latest results of the government Census show a massive total of 176,632 people across England and Wales said they were Jedis.

There are 439 Jedi Knights living in Lincoln, equating to 0.47% of the city’s population.

Map by Esri UK

Map by Esri UK

See how many Jedis there are in each district of Greater Lincolnshire:

  1. North East Lincolnshire – 624
  2. Lincoln – 439
  3. North Lincolnshire – 431
  4. South Kesteven – 372
  5. East Lindsey – 361
  6. North Kesteven – 281
  7. South Holland – 242
  8. West Lindsey – 213
  9. Boston – 169

A new map, created by Esri UK shows the number of people who said they were Jedis across the country.

View the interactive Jedi Knight map here.

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