Tattooed Lincolnshire man convicted for fly-tipping garden waste

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A Lincolnshire man who touted for garden clearance work has been fined after admitting he dumped waste that he was paid £80 to take away.

David Cant, 33, was tracked down by investigating officers at North Kesteven District Council, and a summons was sent to his last known address at Hamilton Road, Grantham.

The process of finding Cant was made easier by a distinctive teardrop tattoo under his right eye.

Cant pleaded guilty to fly-tipping in July 2014, which earned him a reduced fine of £480 imposed by Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on January 14, 2016.

He was also ordered to pay the council’s legal, investigation and clean-up costs totalling £1,215.98 and a victim surcharge of £48.

David Cant was convicted of fly-tipping at Lincoln Magistrates' Court on January 14, 2016

David Cant was convicted of fly-tipping at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on January 14, 2016

While Cant is registered by the Environment Agency as a licensed waste carrier, he admitted depositing it without the necessary waste management licence needed to get rid of it.

Cant had been touting for businesses in and around Sleaford in July 2014.

The garden and household waste and large plastic children’s toys the householder paid Cant to take away were dumped on July 29, 2014 along the Aisby to Aunsby Road.

The fly-tipped material included evidence of where it originated from, and the householder said a man calling himself David Cant offered to take it for a £80 fee.

Cant left a piece of paper with his name, garden clearance service and the same mobile number featured on his van, written on it.

The householder also described the distinctive tattoo.

Cant was fined over £1,700

Cant was fined over £1,700

Councillor Richard Wright, NKDC Executive Member for Environmental Health said: “The district council does not tolerate any fly tipping, less so that which is done by people purporting to be bona-fide agents in whom householders feel they can place their trust, alongside their money, to ensure appropriate disposal of their waste.

“We take pride in our district and its beautiful countryside and seek to safeguard its communities.

“We want those living and visiting here to be able to appreciate its beauty – not have to view the blight a few people put up on it.”

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