Relentless road rager captured on camera in Lincolnshire

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Ever been so irked by another driver that you’ve thrown them a hand gesture or two in disapproval? One Lincolnshire Audi driver recently took their anger at the wheel to dangerous extremes, and they were caught on camera in the process.

A camera-equipped motorist was driving along the A17 at Heckington when he was confronted by a raging motorist who he claims ‘undertook’ the car behind him before overtaking him on chevrons.

The video footage from his dashcam shows the driver slam on the brakes after swerving in front.

The Audi driver then continues to give confusing indications, pulling over to the side of the road before swinging back and shaking a fist out of the window.

The driver said: “The guy was quite threatening on the Heckington A road. He undertook the car behind me on chevrons and then overtook me. He became an angry driver.

“I was very shocked. It was awful, he had no reason to do this.”

He explained that while he did report the incident to police he did not wish to take the matter to court.

“I just really want to stop this person doing it to anyone else.”

Shunts, collisions and near misses are increasingly being captured on drivers’ dash cams in Lincoln.

Road users shared their footage with The Lincolnite previously.

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