Rewind: Lincoln Grand Prix 2016

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The country’s top cyclists took to the streets of Lincoln on Sunday, May 15 for the 61st Grand Prix.

Take a look back at the action throughout the day with results, pictures and videos from The Lincolnite team:

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15th May 2016 10:15am

Reporting today is Stefan Pidluznyj and Emily Norton. Providing photography is Steve Smailes.

15th May 2016 10:18am

The women’s race is in full flow. The British Cycling Women’s Road Series – led by Nicola Juniper in orange – reaches its third round in Lincolnshire, part of a double header of racing on Sunday, May 15.

15th May 2016 10:24am

The women’s race consists of eight laps around Lincoln and Burton village. 

15th May 2016 10:27am

Good Places to Watch all the Action

Castle Square:
The finish, it’s where it all happens, as the riders begin to ease back in their seats after the bone shaking climb of Michaelgate and the arduous twists and turns of the Burton Village descent.

 In the square you can also listen to and stay up to date with every minute of the action with in depth and exciting commentary from Tony Gibb and live update from out on the course.

Burton Village:
If you want to see the riders at speed, flat out and taking chances, walk out to Burton village, or get there early and stake your claim to a spot on the course that promises to deliver high speed action as the bunch flies past at breakneck pace. 

Saxilby Road:
If you’ve always wanted to see that ‘Tour de France’ look of a big peleton as riders take turns on the front or try and find somewhere to hide from the wind and maybe catch their breath. This is a great place to watch the race go by.

Anyone wanting to get up close and personal with the riders should make their way to the one in six cobbled Michaelgate climb. The race has been won and lost here on many occasions and a late burst of speed from tired and aching legs might just be enough to cross the finish line first and take the honours. 

Long Leys Road:
Often the point of no return, lone breakaways test their resolve against a hard chasing pack. Many have tried but fewer still have had the strength or courage to keep ahead. 

The Bailgate Area:
Of course nearly anywhere is a great place to watch the race go past. Pick your spot or have a wander around the course, you’ll find plenty of Pubs and Inns serving up good honest food, drink and Lincolnshire hospitality.

15th May 2016 10:32am

It’s a glorious day  for racing. Our photographer Steve Smailes has been snapping the cyclists in action in Burton village. 

15th May 2016 10:36am

Just in from the finish line for lap four, Jo Tindley’s lead is down to 15 seconds.

15th May 2016 10:37am

15th May 2016 10:39am

Interested in finding out more about the series? Here’s a race guide from British Cycling:

15th May 2016 10:40am

The Women’s Grand Prix field has been heralded on Twitter as the best field assembled for a UK Women’s National Series Race. The full field can be found HERE.

15th May 2016 10:43am

The Grand Prix winners will this year be given the first editions of a unique cobble stone trophy. These trophies have been hand made by Frontrunner in Lincoln from granite cobbles sponsored by Steve Poole Plant Hire.

The trophies will be an added incentive for riders when tackling the 1 in 6 cobbled Michaelgate climb repeatedly throughout the day.

15th May 2016 10:44am

15th May 2016 10:45am

15th May 2016 10:49am

15th May 2016 10:52am

Three laps to go!

15th May 2016 11:03am

The Michaelgate cobbles can make or break a rider. The incline is notoriously difficult, and cyclists must navigate the narrow road while maintaining speed. 

The four leaders are heading back to the line for the final two laps.

15th May 2016 11:04am

You can almost feel the burn!

15th May 2016 11:21am

Looks set for a close finish as we’re well into the last hour. The first riders are expected to cross the finish line at around midday. 

15th May 2016 11:29am

Not long to wait to find out the winner of the first Women’s Lincoln Grand Prix

15th May 2016 11:44am

LIVE on #Periscope: Women’s Grand Prix finish

15th May 2016 11:47am

Congrats to Alice Barnes, winner of the Women’s #LincolnGP!

15th May 2016 12:24pm

The women’s winners on the podium:

  1. Alice Barnes
  2. Becky Durrell 
  3. Laura Massey

15th May 2016 12:26pm

What a moment! Alice celebrating as she crossed the finish line.

15th May 2016 12:27pm

On the junior podium:

  1. Ellie Mae
  2. Jessica Roberts
  3. Sophie Wright

15th May 2016 12:28pm

The Men’s Grand Prix is now getting underway. Watch live on Periscope:

15th May 2016 12:31pm

Celebrations at the podium for the women’s and junior race medalists

15th May 2016 12:33pm

The atmosphere is buzzing on Castle Hill.

15th May 2016 12:47pm

A packed start for the 61st Lincoln Grand Prix, with hundreds of cyclists taking part and many more cheering them on across the eight-mile course.

15th May 2016 12:49pm

The riders will complete a total of 13 laps, finishing in Castle Square at approximately 4.30pm.

15th May 2016 12:53pm

A proud day for the Drops Cycling team in the Women’s race.

15th May 2016 12:55pm

Looks like there was a bit of an incident on the first lap of the men’s race.

15th May 2016 1:08pm

Hear what Alice Barnes – the winner of the Women’s Lincoln Grand Prix – had to say to The Lincolnite following her victory.

15th May 2016 1:23pm

Our photographer literally down on the ground capturing the cyclists as they race on by.

15th May 2016 1:29pm

About an hour into the race. Plenty of time for the riders to make their move.

15th May 2016 1:39pm

A reminder of the course route. The riders will have to complete 13 laps.

15th May 2016 1:42pm

Nine laps to go!

15th May 2016 1:49pm

A total of 14 cyclists in the lead group now. The chasing pack has a lot of work to do!

15th May 2016 2:08pm

Eight laps to go. A lead group of 16 with an 18 second advantage over the chasing group.

15th May 2016 2:15pm

The current leaders.

15th May 2016 2:31pm

More than two hours into the race – over halfway through.

15th May 2016 2:39pm

Some pretty packed pavements in uphill Lincoln!

15th May 2016 2:43pm

Six gruelling climbs of Michaelgate to go.

15th May 2016 2:49pm

Hard going exiting Long Leys Road for the riders.

15th May 2016 3:12pm

A small break by two of the cyclists. But will it last? Not too long to find out.

15th May 2016 3:31pm

Out on the open road with the finish line getting closer and closer.

15th May 2016 3:37pm

Under three laps to go now.

15th May 2016 4:20pm

Competitors are at the half way mark on their final lap. The winner will be crowned shortly. 

15th May 2016 4:21pm

15th May 2016 4:22pm

15th May 2016 4:24pm

LIVE on #Periscope: Lincoln Grand Prix final stages:

15th May 2016 4:31pm

Congratulations to Tom Stewart, winner of the 2016 Lincoln Grand Prix!

15th May 2016 4:38pm

We’ll bring you more on the final results and reactions from those battling for the top spot right up to the mark. Look out for our live periscope with Tom shortly.

In the meantime photographers have been getting in touch with their favorite snaps of today’s action. 

15th May 2016 4:43pm

LIVE on #Periscope: Live with Tom Stewart:

15th May 2016 5:05pm

Jubilant Tom Stewart celebrates victory surrounded by the crowds on Castle Hill. 

15th May 2016 5:11pm

The final moments at the finish line as Russ Downing is pipped to the post by Tom Stewart.

15th May 2016 5:34pm

And that brings our coverage of the Lincoln Grand Prix to an end. We hope you enjoyed the day and please take a look back through the highlights in our picture gallery.