Rewind: Lincolnshire EU Referendum results & reactions

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Lincolnshire residents have been casting their vote in the EU Referendum, and we are bringing you the latest news and results throughout the night.

  • Lincoln and all Greater Lincolnshire districts vote Leave
  • All projections point to 52% Brexit vote nationally


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23rd June 2016 9:33pm

Welcome to The Lincolnite’s EU Referendum liveblog. We’ll be reporting results, information and analysis for you for all districts in the Greater Lincolnshire region throughout Thursday night and Friday morning.

Reporting for you is Stefan Pidluznyj, Steve Smailes, Aaron Renfree, Sarah Barker, Daniel Ionescu and Emily Norton.

23rd June 2016 9:38pm

Polling stations close at 10pm this evening, when Britain’s fate will be sealed. Ballot boxes will then be transported to each district count for verification.

Verification in Lincoln is expected to be completed by midnight. The result is due at around 2.30am. 

23rd June 2016 9:42pm

Votes are counted geographically in 382 local areas.

Unlike elections, there will be no exit poll. It’s simply a matter of waiting for the results, and with only two options every votes counts!

23rd June 2016 9:48pm

The first area result is expected at 12.30am and by about 4am we should have a national picture of voter turnout.

With the larger cities’ results expected at around 5am, we should have a good idea of where things are headed. At around 7am the final result will be declared in Manchester.

23rd June 2016 9:50pm

Our reporter Stefan Pidluznyj and photographer Steve Smailes will be posting live from the Drill hall where the Lincoln votes will be counted.

23rd June 2016 9:52pm

With just 10 minutes to go until polling stations close, counters in Lincoln are preparing their stations.

23rd June 2016 9:55pm

Let’s hope the downpour won’t stop people voting in the eleventh hour!

23rd June 2016 9:56pm

5 minutes to go! 

23rd June 2016 10:05pm

‘And they’re off!’ Here is the journey that your ballot paper will take,

23rd June 2016 10:11pm

Counters at Lincoln Drill Hall are now beginning to sift through the postal votes:

23rd June 2016 10:13pm

YouGov ‘on the day’ poll suggests remain has the edge.

23rd June 2016 10:15pm

The Leave campaign had a lead at the beginning of the year

23rd June 2016 10:16pm

Counters going through the postal votes before the ballots from today arrive at the Drill Hall.

23rd June 2016 10:16pm

How the count works

Although the way in which ballot papers are verified and counted is the same as at other polls, the management structure differs from that used at elections.

Instead of Returning Officers, Counting Officers (COs) are responsible for the voting process in their area. There are 382 COs for the referendum, one for each local government area in Great Britain, plus one each for Northern Ireland and Gibraltar.

Unlike at elections, Regional Counting Officers (RCOs) will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of the referendum in their electoral region, and will collate the local totals into a regional total. In addition to the Northern Ireland counting area, there are 11 electoral regions across Great Britain.

A final significant difference to elections is that the Chair of the Electoral Commission, is the Chief Counting Officer (CCO) for the referendum and responsible for certifying the outcome of the referendum.

23rd June 2016 10:16pm

£ hits its highest level against the US dollar in 26 years.

The last time the pound was at these levels was November 5, 1980, when it was $2.46,


23rd June 2016 10:17pm

Just 17 minutes after the polls closed. Not bad going for the first Lincoln ballot boxes.

23rd June 2016 10:23pm

The ballot boxes are coming in at the North Kesteven count:

23rd June 2016 10:23pm

Ballot box counts are underway in South Holland.

23rd June 2016 10:25pm

Ballot papers are verified by counting the number of ballot papers (but not the actual votes at this stage) in each ballot box and the number of unused and spoilt ballot papers.

This is reconciled with the ballot paper account from the polling station to ensure all ballot papers are accounted for. A local turnout figure can then be announced.

23rd June 2016 10:26pm

Verification of postal votes are underway across the county.

23rd June 2016 10:31pm

Now that’s a confident bet!

Have you placed any bets this evening?

Tweet us if you have @thelincolnite

23rd June 2016 10:32pm

133 Ballot Boxes are being counted in Louth.

23rd June 2016 10:35pm

The boxes have started arriving for the North Lincolnshire count.

23rd June 2016 10:37pm

Margot Parker, UKIP MEP for Lincolnshire, said: “My local polling station has been very busy – a higher turnout than the General Election and I’m hearing lots of positive comments for Vote Leave!”

23rd June 2016 10:38pm

Wow! A strong number of eligible voters in North Kesteven.

23rd June 2016 10:42pm

Councillor Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council tweeted as he cast his vote this evening:

23rd June 2016 10:44pm

The last UK European based referendum was the United Kingdom European Communities membership referendum in 1975.

This referendum decided whether the UK should stay in the European Community (the Common Market). 

The results were:

Yes – 17,378,581 / 67.23%

No – 8,470,073 / 32.77%

Registered voters/turnout – 40,084,594 / 64.62%

23rd June 2016 10:51pm

Here is how Parliament voted in the referendum.

23rd June 2016 10:52pm

It’s difficult to count in the dark…

23rd June 2016 10:53pm

Boston most likely to vote Leave

BBC analysis puts Boston in Lincolnshire as the most likely place in the country to have the largest number of Leave voters

23rd June 2016 10:54pm

Almost 10,000 postal votes received in Lincoln.

23rd June 2016 10:57pm

We’ve caught up with Labour’s Lucinda Preston, the party’s candidate for last month’s Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections and a Remain supporter. Watch her predictions on how the results here in Lincoln and nationally will unfold, and her thoughts on a “divisive campaign:

23rd June 2016 10:59pm

Anyone spotted a strange conspiracy that’s been doing the rounds on social media today? That using pencils risks the voting being rigged! City of Lincoln Council have been quick to put that theory to bed. 


23rd June 2016 11:00pm

A 90% turnout for North Kesteven! 

23rd June 2016 11:01pm

23rd June 2016 11:07pm

West Lindsey count is well underway.

23rd June 2016 11:12pm

More than 46 million people were eligible to vote in this year’s EU Referendum, that is just over 70% of the country.

23rd June 2016 11:13pm

Too early to speculate, says MP for Lincoln Karl McCartney, who says although he knows his constituency the national results are difficult to predict:

23rd June 2016 11:16pm

Sky News is reporting that the turnout nationwide is around 70%. Could we see the figures break records this time around?

23rd June 2016 11:20pm

Right we’ve finally caught up with returning officer Angela Andrews who has very helpfully given us a quick but thorough rundown on what to expect in Lincoln and the East Midlands over the next few hours:

23rd June 2016 11:21pm

Still no official results in, but the turnout the mainland UK authorities declared so far ranging from 68% to 75%. 

23rd June 2016 11:28pm

So, apparently #Dogsatpollingstations is still a thing. Have you been getting involved in this craze like United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust CEO Jan Sobieraj?


23rd June 2016 11:34pm

Another fantastic Lincolnshire turnout! 

23rd June 2016 11:35pm

Expected EU Referendum results timings (Electoral Commission):

  • Lincoln – 2.30am
  • Boston – 3am
  • North East Lincolnshire – 3am
  • North Lincolnshire – 4.30am
  • North Kesteven – 5am
  • South Holland – 5am
  • West Lindsey – 5am
  • East Lindsey – 6am 
  • South Kesteven – 6am

23rd June 2016 11:37pm

While many are long into the verification process, ballot boxes are still continuing to arrive in East Lindsey:

23rd June 2016 11:39pm

The first result in the country is in and it’s a staggering declaration:

23rd June 2016 11:40pm

The first results are in from… Gibraltar – with a decisive vote for Remain.

23rd June 2016 11:45pm

Karl McCartney has spoken to The Lincolnite about the EU referendum campaign – and has had some pretty harsh words to say about some of his Conservative Party colleagues.

Watch the lively video below:

23rd June 2016 11:47pm

Just under 15 minutes away! 

23rd June 2016 11:49pm

Counters hard at work with verification in Lincoln reaching completion very soon. 

23rd June 2016 11:53pm
  • After verification, count staff can then begin to sort and count the ballot papers. Some ‘doubtful’ ballot papers will require to be adjudicated and may be rejected if the voter’s intention cannot be determined. 

23rd June 2016 11:58pm

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney is making his prediction in the hope of a win for Leave, the camp he’s supported throughout the campaign. 

24th June 2016 12:00am

The count has begun in Boston.

24th June 2016 12:03am

Standing by the PM

As doubts circle the Prime Minister’s future at No.10 should his remain campaign fail, Conservative MP for Gainsborough Edward Leigh, who has backed the rival camp, said he’ll stick by his leader.

24th June 2016 12:08am

UKIP’s Nick Smith, who has stood as a candidate in general elections in Lincoln, has been pretty forthright about how the government has acted in the EU referendum campaign:

24th June 2016 12:19am

Conservative Boston MP Matt Warman also said he is behind the PM. He campaigned for the Remain side.

24th June 2016 12:20am

The first overall Leave vote has been confirmed in Sunderland – 61.3%

The result puts the leave camp in front: 161,744 (Leave) vs 158,536 (Remain)

24th June 2016 12:21am

24th June 2016 12:22am

One of our MEPs is going to bed already

24th June 2016 12:23am

Sunderland results lead to drop in pound, now trending at £1.44 to the dollar.

24th June 2016 12:28am

Some are going to bed while their side is in the lead. A lot could happen between now and the alarm!

24th June 2016 12:34am

County Councillor Colin Davie, who campaigned for Leave, is at the count for East Lindsey and told The Lincolnite there is a high turnout for the area, with “a big vote for leave becoming apparent”.

24th June 2016 12:43am

Turnout is still being verified for Lincoln, as officials phone in the figures to Kettering, where the East Midlands results will be recorded. 

The votes are being sorted by counting staff .

24th June 2016 12:44am

North Kesteven with record numbers registered for the EU referendum.


24th June 2016 12:46am


Turnout in Lincoln: 69.34%. That equates to 43,928 votes.

24th June 2016 12:48am

The verification process continues.

24th June 2016 12:51am

Counting has officially begun in Lincoln.

24th June 2016 12:54am

Turnout in Lincoln – 69.3%

43,928 people in Lincoln voted in the EU referendum. This is the highest turnout since the 1992 general election, when the turnout was 71.1%.

24th June 2016 12:56am

Current national results are:

266,721 leave


259,790 remain

24th June 2016 1:16am

Turnout in North East Lincolnshire – 67.94%

In North East Lincolnshire 79,013 people have voted out of 116,302 eligible voters in the area. 

24th June 2016 1:19am

South Holland turnout – 75.4%

24th June 2016 1:23am

Boston turnout – 77.3%

Boston had the strongest turnout so far for Greater Lincolnshire

24th June 2016 1:29am

North Kesteven turnout – 78.40%

North Kesteven saw 67,791 votes cast, taking the top spot for turnout so far

24th June 2016 1:31am

24th June 2016 1:41am

“People have been developing quite xenophobic and racist attitudes.” Lincoln Labour’s Dave Godson gives his open and honest assessment of the EU referendum campaign, and doesn’t hold back in his criticisms:

24th June 2016 1:42am

North Lincolnshire turnout – 71.9%

Another strong turnout in the region. 

24th June 2016 1:44am

Your views

While it may still be too early to call, many readers have been taking to social media to give their view on the campaigning in the lead up to the referendum and the results.

Wayne Kisby said:

“I voted out. Because I dont think we should be governed (at all really) by unelected officials who are not accountable for their actions, and also because for foreign powers (prince or heirs) should not make the laws of this land.”

On the news that there was a 69% turnout in Lincoln, Jb Oyitch said rather aggressively:

“69%? You people that didn’t even bother are pathetic.”

24th June 2016 1:45am

Across the Humber, turnout in Hull seems poor compared to Greater Lincolnshire

24th June 2016 1:48am

The national results so far:

Leave: 51.81% – 564,881

Remain: 48.19% – 525,350

24th June 2016 1:49am

A result for Lincoln expected soon!

24th June 2016 1:52am

Most people associate the Liberal Democrats with being pro-European and pro-EU. However, parish councillor Charles Shaw does not fit that description:

24th June 2016 1:53am

MP for Boston and Skegness Matt Warman warns of a country divide:

24th June 2016 1:57am

London sent a clear message

24th June 2016 2:03am

The first indication of a Lincolnshire district vote 

24th June 2016 2:07am

Still a very close race, but the Leave camp seems to have increased its lead:

Leave: 1,214,127

Remain: 1,065,771

24th June 2016 2:13am

A lot has been made of the deep divisions within the Conservative Party over the EU. However, across the country and in Lincoln, Labour has not been immune to these splits.

In this video, two Labour city and county councillors discuss their views on remaining in or leaving the EU:

24th June 2016 2:21am

Some predictions from around the county:

John Hayes, MP for South Holland, predicts 70% – 30% vote for UK to leave the EU in his constituency, the Spalding Guardian reports.

In North East Lincolnshire, boxes for Leave votes seem to be piling up in at least two wards, the Grimsby Telegraph reports.

24th June 2016 2:21am

Lincoln result expected soon:

24th June 2016 2:27am

Final prediction from Karl McCartney

24th June 2016 2:40am

The national turnout is at around 72.3% according to Sky and 69% according to BBC. The Boston MP says more people should have turned out to vote.

24th June 2016 2:51am

North East Lincolnshire votes Leave


24th June 2016 2:52am

East Lindsey turnout – 74.9%

The number of votes cast in East Lindsey is 80,179 – a turnout of 74.9%

24th June 2016 2:53am

18,902 Remain

24,992 Leave

34 rejected

24th June 2016 2:56am

Lincoln votes Leave

  • 18,902 Remain – 43.1%
  • 24,992 Leave – 56.9%

24th June 2016 3:02am

First reactions to Lincoln Leave vote

24th June 2016 3:07am

West Lindsey turnout – 74.53%


24th June 2016 3:13am

A very happy Karl McCartney reacts to a Leave victory in Lincoln:

24th June 2016 3:14am

But a disappointed Lucinda Preston can’t hide her disappointment at the vote:

24th June 2016 3:15am

Watch the results in Lincoln as they were announced:

24th June 2016 3:22am

Boston votes Leave with 75% majority

22,974 votes for Leave and 7,430 for Remain

24th June 2016 3:29am

The Boston MP campaigned for a Remain vote and Boston’s 75% Leave vote did not bode well with him:

24th June 2016 3:40am

North Kesteven votes Leave – 62.3%

42,183 Leave – 25,570 Remain

38 papers were spoilt.

24th June 2016 3:47am

Nottingham had a marginal Leave vote amid a poor turnout in the city


24th June 2016 3:49am

UKIP MEP Margot Parker told The Lincolnite via email: 

“Thrilled to see the success in Lincoln and Boston for Leave.”

24th June 2016 3:55am

How the UK voted so far:

24th June 2016 4:11am

Our neighbours in Rutland have also voted to Leave. South Holland result expected soon.

24th June 2016 4:15am

Mixed reactions to Lincoln Leave result

24th June 2016 4:22am

South Holland and North Lincolnshire vote Leave

24th June 2016 4:27am

More detailed results:

South Holland

  • Leave 73.6% – 36,423 votes
  • Remain 26.4% – 13,074 votes

North Lincolnshire

  • Leave 66.3% – 58,915 votes
  • Remain 33.7% – 29,947 votes

24th June 2016 4:39am

Hull votes Leave

24th June 2016 4:42am

BBC & Sky forecast: UK votes to leave

at 4.40am Leave is set to have 52% of the vote as 309 of 382 authorities declare vote.

24th June 2016 4:52am

Boston MP Matt Warman reaction

“Britain has decided to gamble on Brexit – while I personally took the view that it wasn’t a risk I wanted to take, I’ve also said it was one person one vote, and a gamble that could pay off. The government now has a duty to make sure exit negotiations with Europe are as painless as possible. 

“I very much respect the will of voters in our region and across the country, and we have a long road ahead of us. Changes won’t be seen overnight, but I look forward to working with colleagues from Lincolnshire and within Government to make sure that the inevitable uncertainty does not cause the predicted economic damage to people’s jobs and livelihoods. 

“We do now have a chance to change immigration policies and our trading arrangements; I hope that those do result in the promised improvements that Brexit campaigners suggested – as the Prime Minister himself has said, Britain can prosper outside the EU.”

24th June 2016 4:59am

County Councillor Colin Davie reacts to Brexit projections

“It is now clear that our country has chosen hope over fear and that a new day has dawned in the history of our great country.

“We are not diminished by this decision but strengthened and we should now pull together to deliver a stronger Lincolnshire and a fairer country for all.”

24th June 2016 5:07am

Labour MEP Glenis Willmot “heartbroken” with result

24th June 2016 5:14am

West Lindsey votes Leave – 61.8%

24th June 2016 5:17am

West Lindsey votes breakdown

  • Leave 61.8% – 33,847 votes
  • Remain 38.2% – 20,906 votes

24th June 2016 5:23am

East Midlands votes in favour of leaving

The majority of people in the East Midlands voted to leave the EU, in tune with the national picture. Only Leicester and Rushcliffe in Nottinghamshire voted in favour of remain, with most results now declared and the whole country headed for Brexit.

24th June 2016 5:27am

Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin:

24th June 2016 5:45am

South Kesteven votes Leave – 59.9%

  • Leave 59.9% – 49,424 votes
  • Remain 40.1% – 33,047 votes
  • Turnout: 78.2%

24th June 2016 6:00am

East Lindsey votes Leave – 70.7%

  • Leave 70.7% – 56,613 votes
  • Remain 29.3% – 23,515 votes
  • Turnout: 74.9% 

24th June 2016 6:03am

Emma McClarkin, Conservative MEP for the East Midlands, has reacted to the result of the British EU Referendum:

“A new day has dawned for the British people. The destiny of our great country is in our hands. Britain will now be a freer, more democratic and prosperous country. Our future today is bright.

“Having campaigned for a Leave vote, I am naturally absolutely delighted that, against all the odds, the force of our arguments has cut through and resonated with a majority of the British people.

“I hope that those in the remain campaign will now accept the result as the settled will of the British people, and work positively to help ensure a swift, orderly and friendly exit from the EU for the United Kingdom.

“We must now all work in the national interest and it is now up to us as politicians to deliver the will of the British people. I look forward to helping out in any way I can in the days months and years ahead.”

24th June 2016 6:23am

A jubilant response from Conservative East Midlands MEP Andrew Lewer:

24th June 2016 6:29am

Some not so surprised by the expected result.

24th June 2016 6:46am

YouGov poll suggests older voters counted for the majority of Leave votes:

18-24: 75% Remain
25-49: 56% Remain
50-64: 44% Remain
65+: 39% Remain

24th June 2016 6:51am

Leave now have a lead of 1,223,562 votes with 380 of 382 declared. 

How the UK voted so far [BBC]:

24th June 2016 6:54am

MP Matt Warman suggesting national media focus on the Leave position had a big influence. 

24th June 2016 7:08am

The final UK result is in as Cornwall, the last of 382 areas to declare its result, joins the majority of areas in making the decision to leave the European Union.



24th June 2016 7:16am

Mixed reactions as Lincolnshire and UK vote Brexit

As county residents wake this morning to the news that Britain voted to leave the European Union by a 52% majority, the response is mixed.

24th June 2016 7:23am

The official declaration of votes cast across the country is being made in Manchester.

24th June 2016 7:30am

All eyes are on Number 10 this morning with Prime Minister David Cameron expected to make a speech before 8am.

Meanwhile, Leave campaigners including UKIP’s Nigel Farage have declared June 24 as ‘Independence Day’.

24th June 2016 7:33am

MP for Grantham and Stamford Nick Boles didn’t get the result he was hoping for. He’s remaining positive though. 

24th June 2016 7:49am

David Prescott, former Labour MP candidate for Gainsborough, and son of former deputy PM John Prescott, expresses concern for the UK’s economy following the result.

“Well, we tried our best but it still wasn’t good enough.

“I’ve spent the last six months campaigning for us to stay in the EU, from running market stalls in Newark to touring the East Midlands doing debates and talking to people.

“Now our country is divided, our economy is about to go into a severe shock and we could even see the collapse of the EU and Scotland leave the UK.

“Cameron granting a referendum was never about staying in Europe. It was about remaining in Downing Street by winning over UKIP votes at the last General Election.

“But what’s vital now is that we stick together.

“We’re in the driving seat to negotiate a new deal with the EU that will hopefully work in our favour.

“Not as good as what we have, but we must try and get something similar to secure the three million jobs that are linked to our trade in Europe.

“But Labour must take the lead on this. It will take two years to engineer our divorce with the EU.

“And if a week is a long time in politics, two years is an eternity.

“So let’s set the pace in developing a framework that deals with people’s concerns.

“I’d like to see an independent Royal Commission drawing from remainers, brexiteers, other parties, unions, businesses, civic society and actively engage the general public.

“Let’s try and negotiate a program that can still give us access to the Single European Market.

“But let’s also consider a fairer, not completely free, movement of people to allay concerns about uncontrolled migration.

“And let’s bring back Labour’s Migration Impact Fund – that was axed by the Tories – to ease pressure on areas where migrants have put pressure on our services.

“The EU and its member states will do all they can to keep us on board in some shape or form. The fears of France and Germany following our lead could see us drafting a template for a new Europe that could be replicated elsewhere.

“Labour should be setting the debate and calling for a new deal and concessions that aren’t written on the back of a fag packet by Cameron but drafted by and for the people.

“Let’s move on from Brexit and go on to Fixit!

“So don’t be downhearted this morning. We’ve faced dark times before. But it’s up to us to rise to the challenge and make a new EU relationship work for us.

“I’m proud I fought to keep us in the EU. And although the public said leave, I still remain a proud European.

“Nothing will change that. And hey, look on the bright side.

“At least Farage is out of a job!”

24th June 2016 7:59am

Lincolnshire County Councillor Richard Davies is singing for joy:

24th June 2016 8:06am

For those just waking up, the pound fell to the lowest point since 1985 as results were declared.

24th June 2016 8:15am

24th June 2016 8:18am

Prime Minister David Cameron is to address defeat outside Number 10 in a few minutes. 

Rumours circulating Downing Street of a resignation. This is not confirmed.

24th June 2016 8:20am

Prime Minister David Cameron is addressing the country:

24th June 2016 8:25am

Prime Minister David Cameron steps down

David Cameron has announced he will resign as Prime Minister following the result of the referendum.

“The will of the British people must be respected 

“I’ve always believed we have to confront big decisions, not duck them. 

“I cannot be the captain to steer the ship.”

24th June 2016 9:18am

Sue Liburd MBE – A businesswoman, executive personal strategist, author and human capital consultant fears the result will leave us weakened and vulnerable.

“The EU referendum campaign has been divisive, ugly and bitter. Creating divisions at home, in schools, at work, across business and in our communities.

“I am hugely dismayed with the result and now gravely concerned about the future of our Union, our leadership in the world and our economic growth and stability.

“Although I believe in democracy and we the electorate have spoken, I do feel we have made a mistake.

“We live in an interconnected, digital and collaborative world. Our vote to exit the EU and stand alone, I fear leaves us weakened and vulnerable.

“How will we heal our divisions at home and in our communities, how will our warring politicians successfully uncouple us from our biggest trade partner and lead us through a difficult divorce, negotiating the numerous agreements necessary to trade with the world? We are entering unchartered waters and difficult times.”


24th June 2016 9:30am

Many are reflecting and making their predictions after receiving the news David Cameron would be stepping down from his role as Prime Minister

East Midlands MEP Emma McClarkin said she will never forget the “respected leader”.

24th June 2016 9:34am

 Councillor Ric Metcalfe, Leader of City of Lincoln Council, is disappointed with the outcome.

“This is not good news for Great Britain.

“However, the people have had their say.”

24th June 2016 10:38am

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not be resigning following the EU Referendum result.

24th June 2016 12:12pm

MPs have submitted a motion of no confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. While this does not necessarily mean any action will be taken, the motion does call for a discussion to be tabled at a meeting on Monday. 

24th June 2016 12:14pm

East Midlands MEP Andrew Lewer

“I welcome the UK’s – and in particular the East Midlands’ – truly remarkable and historic decision to leave the European Union.

“It seems a long time since I carefully weighed up the remain and leave arguments and decided “on balance” to vote and campaign against staying in the EU. 

“There’s no doubt the outcome has come as a shock to many – not least the financial markets. It is important that we act carefully and reasonably to plan and negotiate our exit. I do not believe the “Leave” vote means we are turning our back on our European neighbours. Rather, we have chosen to take control our own destiny and reject the ever-closer union that was the EU project. “