Two Steampunk proposals caught on camera at vibrant Lincoln festival

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It was celebrations all round at the 2016 Asylum Lincoln Steampunk Festival, especially for two happy couples who got engaged amid the festivities.

The festival, which is the largest and longest running in the world, ran until Monday, August 29 and saw 25,000 enthusiasts visiting the city dressed in unusual and intricate costumes.

The Lincolnite spoke with two happy couples whose shared a love for the eccentric trend (described as a genre of science fiction featuring steam-powered machinery) saw them publicly engaged.

Jon Meeds & Di Wildman

Jon and Di with their engagement rings.

Jon and Di with their engagement rings.

Jon Meeds and Di Wildman met two years ago and he introduced her to steampunk, a hobby of Jon’s for several years.

“She started coming to Lincoln Steampunk Society nights shortly after we started going out, and following that we went to our first Asylum together as a couple,” he said.

Jon decided to propose during “chap-hop” rapper Professor Elementary’s performance at The Engine Shed, Friday night and luckily a fellow steampunk was armed with a camera to film the moment.

“Originally, Professor Elemental was going to call Di on stage and then me after, but it was really difficult to get onto the stage, so I had to find a way to sneak away from her,” Jon said.

Jon got on stage and the raucous crowd were fully behind him, and Di knew where things were heading.

“I couldn’t stop crying. All I felt after was overjoyed,” Di said.

Before she knew it, Jon’s friends were slowly shuffling her to the front of the stage, where Jon popped the question, and Di said yes.

“I’m glad I could give her the moment she deserves,” said Jon

Will Bligh & Nicky Rider

Will found the perfect moment to ask Nicky to marry him at the ‘Dead Dog Party’, the closing event of The Asylum on Sunday, August 28 at the Assembly Rooms on Bailgate.

Will remembers when he asked Nicky’s dad for his permission, he replied with “oh, go on then,” a few months later his daughter said exactly the same words.

The couple, from Bournemouth, met at a teddy bear picnic last year with their local steampunk society.

Will Bligh and Nicky Rider

Will Bligh and Nicky Rider

Before The Asylum the pair had been on holiday and visited a friend’s wedding, The Asylum was on their route home and throughout the entire time Nicky was waiting for the question to be asked.

“I was suspicious as it is very hard to get a ring made secretly for your size,” Nicky said

Nicky said that she had a few ideas for the wedding theme: “I was thinking of a steampunk wedding, followed by a pirate reception.”