Has this Lincoln cameraman captured a graveyard ghost?

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Is it a ghost? Is it a trick? One Lincoln spectre hunter decided to investigate reports of supernatural activity at his local graveyard, and has shared a curious video of his discoveries.

In the video, published on Youtube on November 7, the local cameraman explained that he had heard of a number of sightings from family members and locals of ghosts in the mystery Lincolnshire cemetery.

He asked for viewers' thoughts on his pictures.

He asked for viewers’ thoughts on his pictures.

He took it upon himself to visit the supposedly haunted site and take a series of photographs of his surroundings.

After a couple nights with no joy, the video blogger reviewed a few images which he claims contain a number of questionable elements.

“I want you to take a look and let me know what you think before I make any claims and say that it’s a ghost”, said the video maker before highlighting what he describes as a “greyish apparition-type thing” in the photos.

In a second picture, he described what appears to be a moving “smoke-like” object.

Do you think the local ghost hunter has captured a spectre on camera?

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