Councillor Richard Davies in the hot seat over Lincoln roadworks

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The county councillor in charge of highways, transport and IT in Lincolnshire has argued it would be better to fund a southern bypass than to dual the A46 and eastern bypass in a live web chat with The Lincolnite.

Answering questions sent in by readers, Conservative councillor Richard Davies for Grantham North West said congestion is “not a new thing”, and that while he recognised ongoing highways projects caused disruption in the city, he “will not apologise for doing the work”.

Watch the highlights:

Richard added in the interview, which was live streamed to around 80,000 people on Facebook, that investment in infrastructure projects has been making a difference over the last three years, and that the key to improving traffic is to take the A15 out of the city centre.

In response to calls for the existing A46 bypass to the dualled, along with the ongoing eastern bypass, councillor Davies said: “My view is if there was another £50 – £70 million available in funding we’d do better to produce a southern link and complete the ring road than we would to dual one of the existing points.”

Watch the full interview, including plans for new pothole funding, and arguments against recently released proposals to downgrade Grantham Hospital: