First food summit kicks off mission to wipe out food poverty in Lincoln

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A Lincoln Food Summit was held in the uphill area of the city for the first time today to help encourage innovative solutions to food poverty issues.

The meeting, organised by 2017 Liberal Democrat general election candidate and local businesswoman Caroline Kenyon, was held Friday, July 21 in the Wig and Mitre on Steep Hill.

Caroline, who runs internationally recognised business The Food Awards Company, invited a selection of guests to join representatives of food banks, the food industry and community groups.

Members from Tesco, Lincoln College and the youth service, alongside many other organisations joined the meeting to discuss ideas including issues of premises, fundraising, gardening projects and fresh produce being put in fridges in primary schools.

Caroline told The Lincolnite: “I have brought together about 20 people who are all operating in different aspects of food and the alleviation of food poverty in Lincoln.

“Really, it was a sort of getting-to-know occasion because one or people knew each other but actually, bearing in mind that we are all operating in a fairly similar field, most people didn’t know each other.

“Lincoln is in the county that produces 20% of Britain’s food so we have some of the greatest fresh produce, farmers, probably in Western Europe, so we are going to use contacts to go directly to the farmers to try and get fresh produce in food banks.”