August 17, 2017 2.56 pm This story is over 75 months old

Brace yourself! False teeth in search of owner after being taped to tree

Tooth be told, we love this story.

Some would call it enamel cruelty, others would call it thoughtful, after one Skegness resident taped a missing pair of false teeth to a tree.

The image, which was posted on Facebook page Skegness Skegness Skegness by ‎Lois Slocombe on Wednesday, August 16, showed a pair of teeth taped to a tree on Hoylake Drive.

Photo: Lois Slocombe

Along with the teeth, helpfully fastening in a waterproof bag, was a note saying: “Have you lost your teeth?”

Members of the Facebook group have found this somewhat amusing, with some wondering what some poor person will be doing without their beloved teeth.

Rachael Swish commented:

“The Skegness version of whoever this slipper fits…”

Charles Tait added: “Stay classy Skegness!”