‘Get Ruskington knighted’, calls Lincoln villager

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One local resident is determined to get the village of Ruskington knighted – but not in the traditional sense.

Sarah Tonge has started a Crowdfunding page with the goal of raising £3,000 so she can bring back a Lincoln knight to her pub the Shoulder of Mutton in Ruskington.

Residents have become familiar with the 36 uniquely decorated knights which line the streets of Lincoln, but they will all be sold off to in an auction at the end of September.

All of the money generated will contribute to the new Art and Innovation Fund for the City of Lincoln, as well as the Nomad Trust.

It is likely that Sarah will have to raise more than £3,000 to secure a knight, as the starting price for the Lincoln Baron statues, auctioned off in 2015, was £3,500.

Sarah is employing all manners of tactics to raise money for the statue, such as hosting a quiz-bingo night and afternoon tea on September 9 and 10 respectively.

She has also reached out to local business who can have their name placed on the bottom of the statue if they choose to sponsor the project.

In the event that not enough money can be raised to compete in the auction, Sarah will donate the money raised to the Nomad Trust directly.

If you would like to contribute to Sarah’s campaign, you can do so by following the link here, or if you would like to contact her about quiz, bingo and afternoon tea you can reach her on, 01526 832220.

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