In pictures: Lincoln’s latest embarrassing parking attempts

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It’s a theme that keeps on giving; drivers in Lincoln are still up to laughable parking attempts and The Lincolnite has brought you the best that social media has to offer.

Taking a stand against the city’s worst parkers, many have contributed to Facebook pages: Parking like a t**t in Lincoln and Parking like a t**t in Lincolnshire .

Here are a few of our favourites:

Rushing for discount paint

Lincoln B&Q. Photo: Karen Little

Clearly this driver was so scared B&Q was going to run out of that magnolia paint they so desperately needed that they forgot how to park.


Daisy Made. Photo: Amy Stratton

An actual parking space would have been the better option…

Just rude

Photo: Sam Goodman

Think of the children!

How many spaces?

Ruskington. Photo: Chris Davidson

We know a van is bigger than a car but really? Four spaces?!

Terrible two

Carlton Centre. Photo: Stu Readman

You’d think they’d know how to park…


Matalan on Tritton Road. Photo: Steve Buckle

How could you just park and leave it like that?

A bit wonky

Co-op garage on Riseholme Road

It’s not as if it’s a big car…

Taking up the path

At The Still, Lincoln. Photo: Phill Coupland

It’s also facing the wrong direction for the one-way road…

Mind the gap

Lincoln Lidl. Photo: Patrick Hodson

Lidl’s offers were too good to miss by parking properly!

Room for two

Birchwood. Photo: Steve Buckle

Is it really that difficult?

Have you seen parking worse than this? Send your pictures in to [email protected]