August 30, 2017 11.05 am This story is over 75 months old

Lincoln producers’ video of 18th century woman getting dressed goes viral

It’s an interesting watch

Who’d have thought an everyday task for an 18th century wealthy woman could be turned into an internet sensation today!

A video, which was produced by Lincoln-based Crow’s Eye Productions, has taken over social media.

The film, which was originally made for a museum art gallery, has now had over 1.5 millions views online and shows what women in the 18th century had to go through just to get dressed in a morning.

Local filmmaker Nick Loven of Crow’s Eye Productions took charge of the camera, while the overall video was costumed and produced by Pauline Loven.

In the video, which was filmed in Spalding, a woman is seen being dressed in garments which would have been worn during the 18th century, including knee stockings, a white linen petticoat and a gown.

Costume designer Pauline Loven posted in her blog: “In 2015 we (Crow’s Eye Productions) were contacted by Pauline Rushton, costume curator of The Lady Lever Art Gallery, to make a short film of the sequence of dressing in the 18th century.

“The film was to be part of the media interpretation of the 18th century gallery which featured many portraits of wealthy society ladies. The idea was to get beneath the formality of the portraits and to explain how the period silhouette was achieved.

“I made the blue silk gown specially for the film – it was based on one in a painting of 1765, Mrs Paine and her Daughters, by Sir Joshua Reynolds, which is on display in the Gallery.”